[A design reference for Poppyfrost]

Side characters who deserve love by Palepaw

Palepaw lists characters who deserve a bit more attention.

[A design reference for Poppyfrost]
Art by gekkodesigns
[A design reference for Poppyfrost]

Hello Blogclanners! It’s me Palepaw and I’m back with yet ANOTHER ARTICLE. Lately I’ve been thinking “Actually, there are a lot of side characters with potential and people should give them more love!” So here is a list of side cats who I wish got more attention!

5) Brackenfur
This boi DESERVES love. He’s been nothing but precious for the entirety of warrior cats. He’s kind hearted and has never done anything that bad. ( I think. ) He’s actually older than most people realise, considering he was GRAYSTRIPE’S APPRENTICE. I really wish he was made deputy but It’s too late now.

4) Whitestorm
Again, HE’S SUCH A GOOD BOII!! I was genuinely sad when he died. He would’ve made an incredibly wise leader. And I wish more people would talk about his past and how THISTLECLAW was his dad. Like- c’mon! His kithood was super sad but he stayed as positive as possible. Plus he was super good friends with Lionheart and Tigerclaw/star!

3) Lilyheart
Lilyheart is amazing. Absolutely underrated. She took in Violetshine has her foster daughter and Twigbranch as her adopted daughter. Twigbranch looked up to Lilyheart as if she was her own mom. Not to mention, she was a super supportive mentor and grandmother to Nightheart, always sharing stories of his father Larksong and reassuring him.

2) Cinderheart
I personally think that Cinderheart is SUPER underrated. She’s usually dubbed as ‘Lionblaze’s boring mate’ but she is so much more! For once, she’s Cinderpelt’s incarnation and her friendship with the three is great. Cinderheart is Hollyleaf’s best friend, as well as being close to Jayfeather because when she broke her leg, they spent a lot of time together and Jaypaw was surprisingly very supportive to Cinderpaw at the time. And obviously, Cinderheart is Lionblaze’s mate so of course they’re close. She’s great. I LOVE HER!

1) Drumroll please… POPPYFROST!
Ugh. SHE’S AMAZING. CAN WE PLEASE GIVE HER MORE ATTENTION!? I love her friendship with Jayfeather. Poppyfrost was Honeyfern’s sister and they were extremely close. So it came as a huge shock when she died. Plus her relationship with Berrynose is interesting. Personally I’m a Berry x Honey shipper but that’s unrelated. Poppyfrost’s depicted as a calm cat and I found it funny when Berrynose tried to hush her into the nursery but she was like “I’m not going anywhere hon.”

What underrated characters do you like? I’m curious to know:D This article was super lazy but I really hope you enjoyed it!
– Palepaw out!

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  • Great article, I totally agree! Especially Whitestorm I looooove Whitestorm and his relationship with Bluestar&Firestar. And Brakenfur too I love that he is like a McGyver always fixing the nursery and stuff I felt so bad for him when Sorreltail died. Now I’m just rambling lol

  • Awesome article!! I agree with all of these except Whitestorm. Sure, he SEEMS ok, but he actually mated with Brindleface and then left her to have kits with Willowpelt before Brindle’s kits were even apprenticed! The least he could have done was be there for her 😡

    • Yeah, that is a very good point, I don’t condone cheating, it’s against my religion, and just disgusting in general

  • My fav side characters are Badgerfang and Purdy. They are not necessary underrated, but they need more attention.

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