[a headshot of Snowtuft with small blue flowers in his fur]

Cats who need their own merch by Palepaw

Palepaw lists cats who should get their own merch or stories.

[a headshot of Snowtuft with small blue flowers in his fur]
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[a headshot of Snowtuft with small blue flowers in his fur]

Hello I’m Palepaw, Formerly Dustybloom! I’m here with yet ANOTHER article^^ Today, I’ll be talking about cats who deserve their own merchandise!

Frecklewish –
I’m all for a Frecklewish novella! We don’t know much about her, and looking at her perspective rather than Mapleshade’s would be really fun. Why did she deserve the DF? If we read it, we might be able to find out or at least have the Erins justify why they made her go there. Maybe we’ll get more detail from the Thunderclan battle with Riverclan! I think that if she got a book, it would be called ‘Frecklewish’s Grief!’ or ‘Frecklewish’s rage’

I HEREBY VOTE FOR A BRIARLIGHT PLUSHIE!! I absolutely love this sweet girl, and giving her a plush would be super cute! I think that it would give her more attention, and I would love seeing how she’s depicted in the merch <3 I think that a BriarIight comic would be great too! It would be cool including her struggles at first and how she copes, as well as showing her friendship with Jayfeather, as well as life in the Med den! and don’t really have a lot more to say, but BRIARLIGHT IS AMAZING!

I would really love a Snowtuft book! Why did he end up in the DF? What was his life like? How’d he get that scar? The fandom has so many questions, and I think it can clarify a lot of them, such as the Snowkit-Snowtuft theory. PLUS a plush or a figurine would be super cool! I LOVE Snowtuft! He’s my favourite DF warrior! I think a fitting title if he ever gets a book would be ‘Snowtuft’s life!’

Wait… So you’re telling me, SHE DOESN’T HAVE HER OWN SUPER EDITION YET?! SHE NEEDS ONE. We need to know more about her injury from HER perspective and how she coped. Also going to mention, I want to know more about her training and her reaction to Leafpool getting with Crowfeather!! I think that the book would be called ‘Cinderpelt’s fate’

ONE OF MY FAV CATS!! What was his relationship with his parents? Why did he train in the DF? We NEED a Breezie Super edition or Novella. I hope the book can justify his actions, and bring more love to him because he is Overhated as well as underrated! I truly think that he is misunderstood, and I hope to see more Heather x Breeze! I think that a good title would be ‘Breezepelt’s Choices’ or ‘Breezepelt’s Mishap’

Yes, I’m aware that this is a very minor character but I desperately want a minifigure or a manga! I think that she’s super underrated! I know that the chances of her getting any merch is VERY low, but she’s super interesting. I might make a separate article on her but anyways, if she ever gets a manga, I hope it includes her relationship with Berrynose, and her NEARLY dying with Jayfeather bringing her back, as well as her closeness with Honeyfern. I don’t really have a title idea, so what do you guys think?

I so badly want a Longtail manga or novella! I loved his Character development, and especially his friendship with Purdy and Mousefur. Not to mention him formerly being close to Darkstripe and Tigerstar! The downside is, he was also blinded by a rabbit so depicting that would be super difficult…A plush would also be adorable! Nonetheless I’m rooting for some Longtail merch.

That’s pretty much everything I could think of! I hope you enjoyed this article, as much as I enjoyed writing it and please tell me your thoughts! Did I miss anyone?

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