[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]

Hawkwing and the Fire: Should he have saved Duskpaw or Pebblepaw? by Autumnleaf

Autumnleaf discusses who Hawkwing should’ve saved from the fire.

[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]
Art by flash-the-artist
[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]

Hi guys! This is my first article ever! Yay!
(Major spoilers about Hawkwing’s Journey)
#1: If Hawkwing saved Duskpaw.
If Hawkwing saved Duskpaw, he would have not grieved so much, but if Pebblepaw died, he would have still put all the blame on himself thinking, I could have saved her if I was fast enough. In the book Hawkwing’s Journey, it says “‘I wish I hadn’t saved you!” he blurted out. ” I wish I’d gone for my brother first. Then maybe he’d still be alive!'” This is Hawkwing talking to Pebblepaw. This is telling us that he would have went for his brother instead. If he saved Duskpaw, he would have understanded the signal that his brother had given him. Even if Hawkwing had saved Duskpaw, Duskpaw probably would still try to go and eat Twoleg food and joke about it. Another desaster like the fire could have happened, Twolegs stealing them, putting them in the pet shelter, ect. Duskpaw would be so grateful to Hawkwing, at the same time, joking around about it.
#2: When Hawkwing saved Pebblepaw
When Hawkwing misunderstood Duskpaw’s sign, he saved Pebblepaw first, causing Duskpaw to breathe in more of the smoke. Breathing in more of the smoke made him die. Hawkwing blamed himself more than anybody. He also was hard on himself when he says that he deserves his grief. Pebblepaw tried to help him, but he turned her away. If he had saved Duskpaw, he probably not have any mate, unless he could have saved both of them. When he saw Pebbleshine get carried away by the monster, he had the same type of grief as he had when Duskpaw died. Not to mention that when Pebbleshine got carried away, she was carrying Hawkwing’s kits. That must have been terrible, your brother died, and now the cat you loved most. At first he was so clouded with grief,(at the start) when his brother died, he was so rude to Pebbleshine, but now he must have told himself, why, just why.
Well, that is the end of my article. In the comments, please post which way you would like it to be!
– Autumnleaf out

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