[Stonefur and Mistyfoot look at each other while sitting]

Why Mistystar and Stonefur where obviously ThunderClan by Scarletkit

Scarletkit shares the evidence that shows that Mistystar and Stonefur were obviously half-Clan.

[Stonefur and Mistyfoot look at each other while sitting]
Art by Maple-Heart
[Stonefur and Mistyfoot look at each other while sitting]

Hi everyone! Scarletkit here. This is my second article on BlogClan and it’s about something i am VERY VERY mad about. What is that? It is completely illogical that nobody in the books realized that Mistyfoot and Stonefur where from ThunderClan.

First of all, when they go to RiverClan they are old enough to talk and know that they are from ThunderClan. They are fully aware that Bluefur is their mother. They easily could have told someone. And really how reasonable is it that nobody asked these kits who can talk and are old enough to know their mother who their mother is? Also, they where raised to think RiverClan is bad and ThunderClan is good. Wouldn’t they tell someone that their in the wrong place? And Greypool noticed the ThunderClan scent on the kit so why wouldn’t everybody else? I’m pretty sure the clan was told about the kits almost immediately so how did she notice and everybody else who came didn’t when they where interacting with the kits almost as soon as they left ThunderClan territory?

The kits are shown as at least a few moons old when they leave the camp for RiverClan. If other cats in the same books can remember being a few days old then Mistykit and Stonekit should have remembered being part of ThunderClan. Also, in Crookedstar’s Promise Greypool has another mate who fathered her original kits who also ended up dying but in TPB Mistyfoot knows Oakheart is her father. If it is the second one did Oakheart say he was mates with Greypool? Was he mates with Greypool? What happened to the other cat?

Even Fireheart notices that Bluestar looks similar to Mistyfoot and Stonefur. He does already have the evidence that they are from ThunderClan but it’s still noticeable. And where they told that they where rouge kits growing up? Circling back to earlier points they should have known this is not true so it makes no sense that they could be told this story. Again, in the main books they think that they are the kits of Oakheart and Greypool which makes more sense but again they should know otherwise.

Also this isn’t really important but Greypool is actually half-clan too so… interesting fun-fact.

ANYWAYS that’s everything. Mistystar and Stonefur really should have been discovered as ThunderClan or at least half-clan cats much, much earlier than they did in the books. Now…. bye.

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  • I think that you make very good points, but I think that Graypool didn’t reveal the kits specifically because she’s HalfClan
    She knows all the struggles of having family in another Clan, as she and her sister, Willowbreeze, were taken to WindClan when they were four moons old(although they did come back ofc)

  • Fogpaw/whisper (Fog that whispers the ancient prophecies)(Whisie/Whis)||leader of Typoclan||a cat under stress||canon lover says:

    WOW! What great points! I’ve never thought these things before. Wonderful article!

  • Gryffinkit|| she/her|| looking for a mentor!|| Blog sis of the amazing Onyxkit!|| I love FROGGOS 🐸🐸 says:

    Good point

  • Greypool said that the ThunderClan scent faded quickly…

    But that always confused me as well, like, if Oakheart and Greypool were pretending to be mates, like, what?? Why was it so important for them to know that their dad was Oakheart if they were never meant to know about their mother? It would’ve meant that Greypool and Oakheart were essentially living a lie. It’s more complex than RaggedXYellow, because of course there was no need to hide who Brokenkit’s father was because it wasn’t a cross-Clan relationship! It’s a horrific plot hole. The Erins shouldn’t have done it in the first place, it just doesn’t make sense and I’m SO glad someone pointed it out!

  • Crookedstar knowed it all the times and Willowbreeze and Graypools Mother had blue eyes. So Crookedstar was obviously helping his brother as his Leader and he was able to lead River Clan to believe Oakhearts Story knowing about Mapleshade. Crookedstar never was naive

  • I disagree. Misty and stone didn’t know they were halfclan until the dangerous path, since they were too young to know. And Graypool did have another mate, HER ONLY ONE, and didn’t even announce Oakheart as the father. Everyone just assumed. Politely, I recommend rereading some more of the SE’s and books of the first series for more text evidence.

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