[Rootspring and Bristlefrost beside each other with blushing faces]

Ship or Sink by Autumnleaf

Autumnleaf rates different ships from the series.

[Rootspring and Bristlefrost beside each other with blushing faces]
Art by CozmicDoodles
[Rootspring and Bristlefrost beside each other with blushing faces]

This is my second article!
(Spoilers for I think all arcs(except ASC))
So this is how you play Ship or Sink. If I approve of the ship given to me, I will say Ship and tell you why I like the ship. If I disapprove of the ship given to me, I will say Sink and give my reason why. Pretty easy, right?
Ship! I think this ship is really cute and devloped. It started out as crush for bravery, but then they started loving each other. Rootspring was going to leave his Clan to go to hers. Anyways, I love this ship.
2. JayXHalf
Ship! They would have made a great couple. If only Jay didn’t have to go back to ThunderClan. And if Half Moon didn’t have that responsibility as Stoneteller. The ship was a little sudden, but they loved each other.
3. CrowXFeather
I had to include this one. Sink! I actually don’t like this one as much, though I’m pretty nutruel about it. I think Feather saw through Crow’s snarkiness. I think they loved each other, but I don’t think either of them would want to switch Clans for each other.
4. DuskXFern
Ship! I know that Dusk and Fern are uncle and neice, but they are very cute together. It’s very sad that most of their kits died, but they still loved each other for all that time. People hate Fern because she’s a permaqueen, but Dusk always loved her the way she was.
5. HeatherXLion
Ship! They used to play in the tunnels together. When Lion said they should stop, I could feel how Heather would think he didn’t love her. After all this time. It was a very devloped relationship and I think they would be perfect together when they were paws’.
6. SnowXThistle
Sink! I think most people agree with me on this one. They are just not meant to be together. Like, a bloodthirsty warrior that wants to be leader and a purrfect little warrior that wants to be the best she can.
7. FireXCinder
Sink! Even if she wasn’t a med. cat, it would be like ThistleXSpotted. A mentor and an apprentice. Even then, when Cinder wasn’t his apprentice, she was a med. cat.
8. ThornXBlossom
Sink! I know that he didn’t have many dating options, but I just don’t like it that much. I like Thorn and Blossom seprately but not together.
9. BrightXCloud
Ship! This is a developed ship, and, Cloudtail really cared about Brightpaw/heart. He even loved her after half of her FACE got RIPPED OFF! That is one good ship.
10. BluexOak:
I actually ship this one. They loved each other, and would probably switch Clans for each other. It is a bit rushed, and it’s one of the many forbidden romances, but I like it.
11. JessyxBramble
Downright SINK! Jessy is very sassy, and she’s just not good enough for him. Unpopular opinion on Bramblestar, I actually like him. BramblexSquirrel is so much better. It’s also rushed.
12. BarleyxRaven
Ship! They are both toms, but so is TallxJake, which I like, but they like each other. It is a bit rushed, but, so is the storyline. I wish we could see more of BarleyxRaven, and also TallxJake. It’s kind of the same with MothxLeaf, because they are both shecats.
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    Great article! Though, I disagree on most of these. Fireheart/star and Cinderpelt would be perfect together, and even if they were Mentor and apprentice, you seem to ship Squilf & Bramblestar! They are Deputy and Leader, which is almost the same, and Squilf was usually a rank below Brambleclaw/star! First Bramblestar is a warrior squilf an apprentice, then boom bramblestar is a deputy while squilf is stuck as a warrior! See what I mean. And lots of people also love the ship BirchfallXWhitewing, and they were mentor and apprentice! Plus, lots of medicine cats broke the code, Yellowfang, Leafpool, Hawkheart, Mothflight, ect! So that code doesn’t really even matter anymore to be honest!

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