The Week in Birthdays – 16.04.23

A round up of all the birthdays that happened this week! (10-16th April)

It’s this time of the week again! Ready to find out which amazing BlogClanners had a birthday this week? I for sure am! 😀

a cartoon ginger cat holds balloons and has one paw on a present. image credit to


  • 13th April – Lilacpaw. On Thursday, it was Lilacpaw’s birthday. How did it go Lilacpaw? What did you do to celebrate? I hope you had a fabulous time. 😀
  • 15th April – Ariespaw, Scarletdawn, and Turtledapple. Saturday was a busy day for birthdays – three of our wonderful BlogClanners celebrated their birthday. What was all your favourite present you received? Did you get up to anything fun with friends/family? We’d all love to know how your days went. <3 I also have a gift sent in for Turtle that I’ll add in at the end!
  • 16th April – Mintkit, and Mapledrift. Another quite busy day on the birthday front! Today is both the wonderful Mintkit and our very own BitS mod Mapledrift’s birthday. Hello you two, how are your birthdays going so far? Have you got any plans or is it a surprise? :O Tell us in the comments if you’d like!!
5 cupcakes lined up next to each other with wax candles in all of them spelling out ‘happy birthday’. credit to

Here are a few amazingly decorated cupcakes for you guys to share!! Which ones do you all want? I would like the chocolate one on the end, personally. Don’t worry though, there’s unlimited supply of each so you can all have one or three or ten! 😉

As promised, here’s Turtledapple’s gift. It has been sent in by Northfeather, here’s what they say:

“Hi Turtle! You are super cool and kind! Happy B-Day!! Here’s a piragua guy!”

a person who is smiling stands behind a wooden stand with piragua making equipment in it

And now it’s time to wish all these awesome people happy birthday in the comments! Since I’m not here at the time you’re reading this, (wow, it’s April for you gosh! :O) I haven’t made individual posts telling these incredible people just how epic they are and I’m leaving that task to you guys for now! So go wild – send them compliments, birthday wishes, and gifts if you have some!!

That’s it from me this week, see you next Sunday for our next post compiling all the birthdays that took place in the week. Adios, and have a great week! I miss you all so much already (even though I haven’t gone on hiatus at the time of writing this, kind of preemptive I guess?). <33


🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🎄🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!