[Hollyleaf looking at her reflection in a pool of water during sunset]

Why Hollyleaf should have a power by Pigeonwhisker

Pigeonwhisker shares why they think Hollyleaf should have gotten a power of her own.

[Hollyleaf looking at her reflection in a pool of water during sunset]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Hollyleaf looking at her reflection in a pool of water during sunset]

Hello 👋, it’s me Pigeonwhisker! This is my first article, and I hope you like it!
I’m doing a “Why Hollyleaf should have a power. This does include talking of death and spoilers for Power of Three and Oots, and some upper books, so please be careful! If you finished at least arc 5, or at least know who Shadowsight’s parents are, you will be about so spoiler-free!
Before we get into this, I love Dovewing. She is my third favourite character tied with Moth Flight. I’m fine that she has a power, but I rather Hollyleaf have it, you know? Also, even though it may sound like it, I have nothing against the Erins! They are awesome :D.
Ok, let’s go!
1. She was in Power Of Three
I’m a little annoyed that we spent SIX BOOKS believing she was the third cat, then she was not. Great plot twist, but seriously? Many times she almost got killed or hurt because of it. If Jayfeather and Lionblaze were the original and stayed that way, why not Hollyleaf?
2. It’ll make more sense
I got this point from a youtuber, Roseshards, by the way. Go check her channel out :D.
Roseshards said ‘it would make more sense if Hollyleaf had a power and came back to the Clans. Why did she come back? What was the point? Why did she just forgive Leafpool and Squirrelflight and just fade into the background. It’ll be way better if she had a power. A purpose to come back.’ Not in the exact words, but that’s what Roseshards said. And I agree! Why else would she come back? By the way, Roseshards is a great youtuber and a great artist! Go check her out please! I also feel it’ll make more sense because why did she have to die!?? That was so sad. At least make a reason for it!
3. Personality
Hollyleaf was probably the only one who really, really, REALLY wanted to fulfil the prophecy. Why not? Why crush her dream? She worked so hard to try to complete it, but the Sunrise ending shocked me. She was probably the only one who stuck to the rules the most. Sure, she killed Ashfur, but he deserved it!
4. Bond
Dovewing never had the same connection with Jayfeather and Lionblaze than Hollyleaf did. Dovewing always felt left out in a way, and after the prophecy was completed, they didn’t talk any more.

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  • i totally agree! Hollyleaf is SO UNDERRATED and Jayfeather doesn’t even care about her much!!!
    Lionblaze only literally named one of his kits after her but that’s ALL. (HOLLYTUFT)
    -smacks lips-
    But Hollyleaf was basically NOTHING after OotS

  • I have to disagree with you on this because Hollyleaf not having a power would ruin her character. It was a part of her character plot that she had to accept the fact she wasn’t a part of the Three. I never liked Hollyleaf in the first place, but I won’t turn this into a rant.