[a realistic and primarily black-furred design of Mapleshade walking with her head low]

Yes, Mapleshade DOES deserve the Dark Forest, and here’s why by Shadeleap

Shadeleap argues why Mapleshade’s placement in the Dark Forest is right.

[a primarily black-furred design of Mapleshade]
Artwork by Lithestep
[a primarily black-furred design of Mapleshade]

Hey BlogClan! For the longest time, I forced myself to remain neutral on the Mapleshade debate, but a little while ago I picked a side, and now I believe wholeheartedly that Mapleshade deserves her spot in the Dark Forest. Here’s why.

Probably the most widespread argument for her to be innocent was that she was mad with grief and she wanted her kits back. But there is another cat who wanted his kits back and went to extreme measures to do so. Another argument is that she murdered Frecklewish, Ravenwing, and Appledusk to help her kits, but another cat did that too. There is one cat in the Dark Forest that did nearly the same things as Mapleshade, yet no one questions his place there.

That cat is Tigerstar.

After Tigerstar was banished from ThunderClan, he did anything to get his kits with him. The most memorable thing he did was leading his half-trained pack of dogs to Snakerocks, resulting in the deaths of Brindleface and Swiftpaw, and the injuries of Brightheart. Tigerstar did this and then told everyone at the Gathering everything that had happened in the last few moons, just to get his kits back. He murdered cats for his own agenda, which is what Mapleshade did, he murdered cats and attempted to murder other cats for his kits, which is just what Mapleshade did, and he went to the Dark Forest for it, which is exactly what Mapleshade did.

Now, there’s one argument for Mapleshade that I haven’t talked about, and that’s how most Mapleshade defenders use the argument “She was mad with grief and didn’t know what she was doing,” but… How do we know that Tigerstar was sane? We didn’t see him leading the dogs to ThunderClan from his eyes because it happened after the events of Tigerclaw’s Fury, but through the book we see through his eyes and we see how much he wanted his kits to be with him. His kits were alive, sure, but he couldn’t see them! He couldn’t talk to them at all, not even at Gatherings! They weren’t apprentices yet and he was completely cut off from them.

Sound familiar?

Mapleshade is a very controversial cat, but I believe firmly that she deserves the Dark Forest. Tigerstar’s longing for his kits is mostly overlooked by the story, and the plot moves along quickly, but you can’t deny that he wanted his kits back and he went to very extreme measures to do that. Yet no one ever questions Tigerstar’s place in the Dark Forest. Why? Because he had other crimes? Like what? Attempted murder? Didn’t Mapleshade attempt to kill Reedshine? Treason? Didn’t Mapleshade prove that she had no loyalty to ThunderClan after killing their members and training Thistleclaw, Tigerstar, Goosefeather, Ivypool, and many others? Be in a forbidden relationship? Squirrelflight’s Hope shows us that this is condemnable! And Sasha and Appledusk were both outside of Tigerstar and Mapleshade’s Clans. Try to destroy all four Clans? Well, here’s a list of the cats Mapleshade trained from each Clan.
From ThunderClan: Thistleclaw, Ivypool, Goosefeather, Blossomfall, Tigerclaw/star, Mousewhisker, Birchfall, Thornclaw
From RiverClan: Crookedstar, Hollowflight, Icewing, Beetlewhisker
From ShadowClan: Tigerclaw/star, Tigerheart/star, Redwillow, Ratscar
From WindClan: Breezepelt, Larkwing, Sunstrike
The only Clan she didn’t try to destroy was SkyClan, but she didn’t even know they existed! It sounds to me like Mapleshade was planning the downfall of the Clans…

That’s it for me, guys. This is only part of the reason I believe Mapleshade deserves where she is, but I don’t want to bore you with a 2000 word article so I’ll leave it here. Have a good day/night and may StarClan light your path!

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  • (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ нєαтнєяωнιѕρєя/ωнιѕρєя тнαт σηℓу нєαтнєяѕ нєαя/ƒσямєяℓу αυтυмηℓєαƒ/¢нє¢к συт му ƒαη ƒι¢тιση ραgє! says:

    I’m pretty netural, because I haven’t read really any novellas/SE yet, but that makes SUCH a great point… hmm… I’ll have to think about this article… Well anyways, you did such a great job, as usual. See you around the blog!

  • There are people who actually think Maple should be in Starclan? Great article! I hope to see one of your articles again, sometime!

    • Well, the thing is. I don’t really think Tigerstar1 actually cared about his kits as in LOVE love, but Mapleshade did.

  • Great article, Shadey! Idk if Mapleshade deserved the DF or not, but I love her either way 😀

  • *inhales* YES. Oh my gosh YES! Thank you! ANOTHER cat that DID THE SAME THING. (similar i guess) is Ashfur. He murdered just because she wanted Squirelflight to feel pain just bcuz she loved somebody else
    Also, like- her kits died, sure. But like- Ur mate didnt really love you, WHO CARES?! Let them be. U legit have their child! MEMORIES EXIST. WHY DID U KILL THEM. not to mention, she sent ANOTHER CAT TO THE DF. *inhales again* I SO AGREE

  • Great Article Shades (And this is unrelated but your fanfic is awesome)!! Unfortunately i disagree…..

    You make a point, but Mapleshade was a good cat before her kits died, and Tigerstar was evil for a long time. Mapleshade was still young, with this being her first litter, and the events happen all at once: All three of her kits dying, being cheated on by the love of her life, being kicked out of her Clan, therefore giving up her only way of life, etc. That can cause trama, and, while Tigerstar had traumatic events in his life, he was rather already evil or too young to really understand
    Great article though!!!!!!!1

    • Shadeleap (she/her) | Shades, Shade, Shadey | Shade lit up by Leaping Flames | Mentor to the amazing Sandbreeze! <33 | Running for SW! says:

      Tigerclaw was a senior warrior when he was exiled. Bramblekit and Tawnykit were his first litter too, and him being separated from them happened pretty suddenly as well

      • However, the only thing he actually wanted was power. Sooo…

        Mapleshade wanted her kits to have the best life, and when they all drowned, she got cheated on AND got kicked out of her clan for following her heart, well… that can break someone very bad.

  • Flamepaw/spirit || Ospreysplash's awesome apprentice!! || She/her || Arson is life || Spirit of Flaming Arson in Newleaf Sun says:

    Amazing article, Shadey, but I strongly disagree. Mapleshade was a loving mother and wasn’t always planning to kill/destroy the Clans, unlike Tigerstar. After her kits died and it was exposed that her mate was cheating on her, (imo) she just kind of… Snapped. I think she strongly believed that she was doing those crimes for the good of her kits. Doesn’t that show how much she cared for them? And about the Dark Forest training part, don’t forget that the Dark Forest drains all of your goodness out of you and makes you the worst cat you can possibly be. So while I respect your opinion, I strongly disagree. Awesome job, though, Shadey! <3

    • Shadeleap (she/her) | Shades, Shade, Shadey | Shade lit up by Leaping Flames | Mentor to the amazing Sandbreeze! <33 | Running for SW! says:

      That makes a lot of sense, but when did her kits ask her to kill for them? They were like 3 moons old, they don’t even know what death really is. Also, Patchkit in particular is shown to be kind and gentle, and I have a hard time seeing that same kit asking Mapleshade to kill his dad, or his stepmom. That’s just not who he is. Mapleshade’s choice to kill the three cats was her choice, and murder isn’t exactly excusable imo

      • I feel like she just wanted revenge, not just to be reunited, but revenge on the people who kicked her out for loving, and revenge on Appledusk and Reedshine.

  • Fallowpaw|🔥Fire alone can save our Clan-Spottedleaf|💧More water will flow before we join StarClan-Ravenpaw|🌫Don't you want to breathe the fresh air?-Graystripe|🌍Like I said, Earth is a big name for a kit your size-Root says:

    Yesssssssss, ur right!!!! I like Tigerstar! Why does everyone love Mapleshade and hate him….😿?

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