[a headshot of a frowning Blossomfall]

Characters That Could Have Been Cool Villains by QuietBerry

QuietBerry lists characters who could’ve been good villains.

[a headshot of a frowning Blossomfall]
Art by maracat0901
[a headshot of a frowning Blossomfall]

Hi. QuietBerry here with my 3rd or 4th I think. I know I lost progress on 2 of them, but anyway I’m going to talk about characters that could have been cool villains.

1. Blossomfall
I love Blossomfall. And a story to get revenge on Millie could have definitely made her a good villain. If Blossomfall did become a villain her story would go something like this she would get manipulated by the dark forest, believing that no one cared for her. Then she would start to feel alone and depressed thinking that dark forest only cared for her. Eventually her clan mates start to get annoyed of her getting upset all the time, so she decides that this is all Millie’s fault. Now if her story was like Breezepelt’s, I think that Ivypool and Briarlight would help her find her way out of the dark and her story ends happy with her making up with Millie. But if her story ends tragically she tries to take out Millie, but fails and gets hurt really bad, runs away and dies because of her wounds.

2 Shadowsight
Ok I think that he won’t be a villain the entire time, only after Ashfur has come into Shadowclan’s care. We see Shadowsight spending more time with Ashfur (because he has to but still counts) and what Ashfur is saying things that to Shadowsight is not wrong. Like how the rest of the clan doesn’t trust him to heal other cats and if they kill him they won’t get Bramblestar back. It would also take an interesting turn in the story by Shadowsight having enough of being ignored and hated by his clan mates then Ashfur seeing this opportunity to win Shadowsight over to continue his evil plot.

3. Ivypool
Ivypool… I think that she could be a pretty good villain. Honestly the first time I heard that she was training in the DF thought she was a villain. If Ivypool was a villain she would have used Dovewing to her advantage and the dark forest would have won. And we already know what happens in her good ending.

That’s all I can think of, but if you have any other ideas I’d love to turn that into an article! Anyway that’s all I for now byee!

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