[Silverstream and Graystripe look into each other's eyes, both soaked, while Fireheart and Cinderpaw watch from the other river bank]

Favourite and least favourite ships by Silverdusk

Silverdusk lists their favourite and least favourite ships from the series.

[Silverstream and Graystripe look into each other's eyes, both soaked, while Fireheart and Cinderpaw watch from the other river bank]
Art by Blufyrein
[Silverstream and Graystripe look into each other’s eyes, both soaked, while Fireheart and Cinderpaw watch from the other river bank]

Heyyy! Silverdusk here! It’s time for me to state and defend my fav ships and explain my reasonings behind my least favourite ships. Let’s begin, starting with favourites!

Warning: My opinions are a bit… Strongly worded. Especially in the least favourite section. I apologize if it appears that I am not respecting your opinions. Thank you.

Also, Quiet Rage inspired most of the ranting I did for least favourites.

Now, I’m starting with my favourites.

10) IvyXFern

This ship is really cute! Ivypool and Fernsong are really cute! Ivy wasn’t really looking for a mate, but she really connected with Fernsong and he offered to stay in the nursery with their kits.

9) FeatherxCrow and LeafXCrow

FeatherXCrow! Firstly, I love Feathertail. She is my 13th favourite character and I love her kindness. But, she isn’t just a gentle cat. In A Shadow In RiverClan, you get to see her complex emotions and feelings. She is also a brave, selfless cat with a fiery side and a deep loyalty. Feathertail was exposed to a lot of horrors as an apprentice, which gave her trauma and anxiety. But she powered through. Feathertail always thought the best of Crowfeather and they have adorable moments together.

I also really like LeafXCrow. Leafpool and Crowfeather bonded over the Great Journey and at first tried to stifle their feelings for each other, but they loved each other. Their relationship was brief, but they clearly loved each other a lot.

8) DustXFern

I just find this ship so cute. I try to move past the fact that they are uncle and niece. They were always there for each other. They grieved the deaths of their kits together and were always together. Dustpelt was so sad when Ferncloud died. Dustpelt and Ferncloud had a lot of kits and were always so kind to each other. When Ferncloud was sick with Greenough, Dustpelt was so worried and Ferncloud also worried about him when he had greencough. They are just so good together.

7) SorrelXBracken

I just fell in love with this ship. Especially when Brackenfur was in front of the nursery during the badger attack, snarling and fighting to defend Sorreltail and their kits. He also comforted Sorreltail when her brother died. I love Sorreltail’s energy and kindness and I love Brackenfur’s maturity and calmness. They are purrfect together. In OOTS, Dovepaw could hear Brackenfur and Sorreltail running through the forest together, purring. They also both supported each other when Honeyfern died and you can see just how much Brackenfur grieved when Sorreltail died. They are so great together ❤️

6) MothXMicah

Eeeek! Just. So. Cute. Moth Flight adored Micah and grieved for him when he died. she was so sad. Micah is funny and kindhearted and always encouraged Moth Flight and made her feel nice about herself. He always watched over her and they had the cutest moments together. Like in RiverClan camp, they shared a nest and when Moth Flight said she snored, Micah said “Good, because I snore too” and idk, it was just so nice. They are amazing together!!!!
Also, guess what? Micah has a personality! I see you are confused. Let me explain. Stormfur and Brook, for example. They are great together! But they are both so boring. Stormfur is like Graystripe but without the humour. And Brook is… Nice? Supportive? Cats need personalities, otherwise their ships suck.

5) HeatherXBreeze

Why do people hate on these two so much? Firstly, Heathertail always defended Breezepelt and stood by his side throughout everything he went through. If you’ve read Crowfeather’s Trial, you can see how much Breezepelt cares for Heathertail, charging into the tunnels to save her, even with the stoats in there. Another thing: Breezepelt is NOT an abusive or controlling mate. He has difficulty expressing his emotions and that’s okay. In Dark River, when Heatherpaw was sitting with Lionpaw, Breezepaw tried to get Heatherpaw to sit with him by pressing her to watch a competition between Berrypaw and Ivypaw. It’s just the way he tries to express the way he feels. Breezepelt has been padding after Heathertail ever since their apprenticeship. They are so adorable together! They clearly love each other a lot. Also, in Fading Echoes, you see that Breezepelt does respect and listen to Heathertail.

This is a scene that happened in Fading Echoes, when Dovepaw and Ivypaw snuck into WindClan camp.

The two WindClan warriors flanked them as they crossed the moor. No one spoke, but a low growl rumbled occasionally in Breezepelt’s throat. Heathertail swung her head and glared at her Clanmate.
‘Will you stop making that noise!’ she growled.
‘Do you want to make them feel welcome?’ Breezepelt snapped back.
‘I think they got the message from Onestar,’ Heathertail pointed out. ‘They don’t need you snarling at them all the way to their camp. They’re just apprentices.’
‘It’ll teach them not to do it again.’
‘Just shut up!’ Heathertail snorted. ‘No one died and made you leader.’
Breezepelt let out a hiss, then was quiet.

[Scene ends]

See? Breezepelt listened to Heathertail, only letting out a hiss of annoyance before falling silent. This shows the respect he feels for her. Also, again, bringing up Crowfeather’s Trial. Heathertail comforted Breezepelt when Nightcloud was presumed dead and she always supported him. Breezepelt obviously loves Heathertail and he has ever since they were little. I used to hate Breezepelt, but now I just see him as a troubled cat who needed more love. Anyway, Breezepelt is protective and loving to Heathertail, whilst Heathertail cares deeply for Breezepelt. They are a very underrated couple. I love how they are a background romance and you get to see how much they love each other, but the books don’t revolve around them. Yes, in one of the Erin chats, Vicky did say that Heathertail doesn’t love Breezepelt, but really? Firstly, everything contradicts that. The way that Heathertail defends Breezepelt so fiercely. The way she always hangs out with him and tries to comfort him. And also, didn’t Crowfeather say that he no longer loves Leafpool? Then, we have the Broken Code scene, which shows Crowfeather and Leafpool nuzzling each other. The truth is, there are so many Erins. They all have different opinions on characters and ships, so you never really know which thing is true. So my point is, Breezepelt and Heathertail are great together. Oops. Sorry for turning this into a HeatherXBreeze defence article. Anyway, moving on.

4) CrookedXWillow

YESSSS!!!! This is such an underrated ship! I completely adore them and Crookedstar’s Promise made me love them so much. Willowbreeze saw past Crookedstar’s broken jaw and to the kind, brave heart within. Crookedstar was also so protective and kind to Willowbreeze and their relationship was SO adorable. Crookedstar’s grief for Willowbreeze honestly made me so sad. They were perfect together. Their relationship was well developed and every moment they had together radiated with love and perfection. I feel like more people have to appreciate the true amazingness of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze’s relationship.

Here’s a CrookedxWillow quote. Please note that it is not completely perfect and is just something I conjured from my memory.

Willowbreeze: “I’m sorry.”
Crookedstar: “Why?”
Willowbreeze: “For leaving you to raise our daughters.”
Crookedstar: “You’re not going anywhere! I won’t let you leave me.”
Willowbreeze: “You’ll be a wonderful father. I’m so glad that Hailstar brought me back from WindClan. I’ve loved my time with you and the rest of RiverClan.”
Crookedstar: “Don’t talk like that! You can’t go! What about our kits? They need you!”
Willowbreeze: “Oh, my precious love. Be brave for me, please.”
-Willowbreeze as she is dying

I feel like people just forget about Willowbreeze and Crookedstar, but they really shouldn’t. And the scene at the end of Crookedstar’s Promise where Crookedstar & Willowbreeze see each other again? That’s so beautiful.

3) FireXSand

I love this couple! It is so realistic. The way that Sandstorm began bullying Fireheart and then they slowly became closer and closer. They still had arguments and everything was just so real. I love how close they are. They even sneak out of camp together to hunt! Through everything with the whole Tigerstar fiasco, Sandstorm was there. I love Sandstorm and she’s my 12th favourite character! Firestar and Sandstorm are so cute together!

2) CloudxBright

Just. So. Cute. And. Awesome.
When Brightheart had her eye ripped out by the dog pack, Cloudtail was always by her side. He also helped her train and become a warrior, instead of giving up on her. He was always there to reassure Brightheart. Meanwhile, Brightheart loved him too, proven when she got jealous of Daisy and Cloudtail. When Bluestar named Brightpaw Lostface, Cloudtail refused to call her that. They are just so adorable together!!!

Now, my favourite ship ever…. *Drumroll please*


I just love this ship to pieces. Okay, firstly, Millie. I hate Millie. Literally, I hate her, don’t ever talk to me about her unless you’re hating on her. Just kidding. But seriously, I hate Millie. Anyway, Graystripe and Silverstream are just so adorable. Their relationship brought a lot of drama into the books. Graystripe loved Silverstream a lot. I like how Silverstream saved Graystripe, giving him a reason to like her. She began to see him out of curiosity, but before long, a proper romance blossomed. It’s so cute! They were always there for each other and would never leave each other. Graystripe was really happy to see Silverstream in The Great Battle. And yes, Graystripe was really happy to see Millie in BC, but I honestly do not care, Millie sucks, Silver rules, end of story (sorry, I actually don’t mind Millie, I don’t know I feel so annoyed at her right now.)
Anyway, Graystripe and Silverstream are so cute together and I just love them.

Onto least favourites!

Warning: My opinions are a bit… Strongly worded. I apologise if it appears that I am not respecting your opinions. Thank you.

Also, Quiet Rage inspired most of the ranting I did for least favourites.

Now, I’m starting with my favourites.

10) BrambleXSquirrel

Bramblestar is so annoying. He always crushed Squilf’s spirit and was condescending and selfish. I don’t have to explain this very much.

9) CrowXNight

Crowfeather never really liked Nightcloud and they always argued, which created a negative impact on their son. Crowfeather toyed with Nightcloud’s emotions and she turned their son against him. Though by the end of Crowfeather’s Trial, they are friendly toward each other, that cannot undo years of constant arguments.
After a while, the mental exhaustion they would feel from consistently sniping at each other would be extreme.
They are not good together.
Heyyy! Silverdusk here! It’s time for me to state and defend my fav ships and explain my reasonings behind my least favourite ships. Let’s begin, starting with favourites!

8) SpottedXFire

This is just so rushed. Firestar liked Spottedleaf after barely knowing her. She didn’t give him any attention when she was alive and then she started liking him when she was dead. Spottedleaf is so annoying and so “perfect”.
And did you know that the Erins killed off Spottedleaf just so that Firestar wouldn’t have to choose between Spottedleaf and Sandstorm. Hmmm. A choice between a childhood crush who stalks your dreams or the mother of your kits who supported you for your entire life? Such a hard decision.

7) TurtleXTom

Tom is an abusive, terrible, crazy old bat. He thinks that hurting Turtle Tail and Bumble is funny. He also stole Turtle’s kits and made Turtle Tail follow them and die. Then he was let into Clear Sky’s group and died. They had a bad relationship. Turtle Tail deserved a lot better.

6) YellowXRagged

Raggedstar is a grumpy cat. And he’s also a TERRIBLE mate. He tried to force Yellowfang to stop being a medicine cat. He also made Foxheart his deputy just to upset Yellowfang. Raggedstar also ignored all of Yellowfang’s warnings about Brokenstar. How did that work out for you, buddy? Not to mention that Raggedstar kept saying that Yellowfang has no right to say those warnings about Brokenstar because she gave him up. Raggedstar is a horrible cat and Yellowfang sometimes has to actually brace herself for Raggedstar’s rage. They aren’t good together. Yellowfang could never count on Raggedstar’s support. That is a toxic relationship.

5) SpottedXThistle

Disgusting. Massive age gap. Thistleclaw is an old, manipulative, terrible pedo. Spottedpaw and Thistleclaw never loved each other. It was gross and rushed.

4) JaggedXHolly

I hate Jagged Peak. He’s arrogant, a hypocrite and so mean. Seriously. Holly and Jagged Peak were bullying Moth Flight when she was grieving and it was so bad that even Holly and Jagged’s own kits had to come up and tell them what mouse hearts they were being. They always support each other- in being terrible to everyone else. Jagged Peak even said to Gray Wing, “You aren’t the cat you used to be.”
SHUT UP, JAGGED PEAK. Like you can talk with that hind leg of yours. Holly and Jagged Peak are literally toxic and are the worst influence on each other.

3) LeopardXPine

Pinestar is a gross old traitorous tom. He had a crush on an apprentice about a million moons younger than him. He got her pregnant and then he left her to be a kittypet without saying goodbye. Poor Leopardfoot. Pinestar is SO gross and annoying. Leopardfoot deserved a lot better than this grandpa.

2) MapleXApple

Do I even need to explain? Appledusk cheated on Mapleshade and then dumped her to deal with the loss of their kits alone. He’s a terrible mate and their relationship is so toxic and bad.

Now, onto the worst ship ever….

1) TigerXDove

Ughhh. Firstly, Tigerheart betrayed Dovewing for his Clan by revealing the location of the catmint. He keeps choosing his Clan over Dove over and over and over. Like, seriously. Then, Dovewing runs away from ThunderClan because of pregnancy paranoia and Tigerheart follows her, gives up, and goes back. Then Tigerheart gets grumpy at his dad, decides to follow Dovewing and then boom! Fast forward, they go back to ShadowClan, Tigerheart gives some pathetic speech and then he becomes Tigerstar! Tigerstar is so DAMN annoying. Firstly, Bluestar gave up her KITS to save her Clan. Firestar made his own daughter give up her medicine cat status because she broke the med cat code. Tigerstar? Hahaha. Nope. He had made it obvious that his family means more than his Clan. Aww, so sweet, right? NO. Tigestar would honestly probably lead his Clan into war against the other 4 Clans for his son Shadowsight. Which is nice, but his Clan would be shredded to pieces. But Tigerstar doesn’t care, because his family means more than his Clan. Which is a really bad flaw for a leader to have. As for Dovewing, her character development was just tossed away when she crawled back to Tigerheart after rejecting him. Oh and don’t even get me started on Bumblestripe. He was a sweet guy who just wanted Dovewing to be with him. Yeah, okay, he did pressure her a little, but mostly that was Whitewing and Blossomfall and stuff. They pressured Dovewing. Bumblestripe never walked up to Dovewing and say, “Hey, be my mate right now”
It was always other cats who pressured Dovewing. And then, the Erins just HAD to come along and ruin 3 Characters.
Dovewing could have created a lesson “that your first love isn’t always your best love” but of course that didn’t happen.
They turned Bumblestripe into a weird, clingy Ashfur clone who asked Dovewing to have kits with him at Purdy’s funeral.
(Watch Quiet Rage’s video on his least favourite ships. It’s super good.)
Then they made Dovewing leave her Clan and run away, before returning to ShadowClan. And they made Tigerheart some sort of Gary Stu that can’t just make him his bloody mind about whether to stay or follow Dovewing. Honestly, I almost barfed while reading Tigerheart’s Shadow. It’s like a Tigerheart cult gathered together and wrote this book on an amazing, smart, handsome, kind cat named Tigerheart. In reality, Tigerheart sucks and so does DoveXTiger. 3 characters were ruined to make this teenage romance gone wrong couple come true.

Here’s the link to Quiet Rage’s video. It’s pretty long, but if you skip to the TigerDove part, which is 28 minutes into the video, you can see what I’m talking about.
Link: https://youtu.be/duAi9C2DyoM

Anyway, that’s the end of my article! Sorry if I offended you. I poured a lot of my emotions into this article.

Anyways, do you agree with me? Would you like me to better explain my feelings for a certain character/ ship in the comments or another article?

Wow, this article is 2,963 words long!

~ Silverdusk

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  • YES!!! That is exactly what I thought, especially squirrelxbramble, yellowxragged, mothxmicah, spottedxthistle, tigerxdove, jaggedxholly and leopardxpine (but i dont really like firexsand even though literally EVERYONE else loves that ship!)

  • Tigerheart is SO annoying. . . But then I was wondering how much of an age gap there was between Spotted and Thistle…

    • Spottedleaf is an apprentice (about 12-15, a teenager) during the majority of Spottedleaf’s Heart. Thistleclaw is about 30-35, an adult (old enough to have kits who are apprentices). Quite a big age difference, but they are cats, and they age significantly slower when they’re adults. However, most people dislike SpottedxThistle because Spottedpaw is an apprentice when they sort of get together, and Thistleclaw says things like “You won’t be an apprentice forever” so he’s probably grooming her. For more information, watch Moonkitti’s video “I sort-of spoil Spottedleaf’s Heart”

  • *For favorites :
    *Honestly, I don’t think Heathertail has any good ships, but thats just me. LionxHeather was a fail, and so was HeatherxBreeze. Idk if that’s just me. But the rest are good (except the ones I don’t know, and LeafxCrow.) And GrayxSilver is OBVIOUSLY one of the best ships ever.
    *For least favorites :
    *I can agree with TigerxDove and SquirrelxBramble, but the rest I don’t even know them.

    Sorry for late commentinggg

  • So right, I love crow and leaf. On the other hand i love sandstorm but fire star and spotted leaf were really nice

  • DOVEWING IS MU FAVORITE CAT IN TYE WHOLE SERIES. Tigerheart is a good cat. The rest of the ships I agree with 100%.

  • U r so right and I HATE TigerxDove they ruined everything and I kept going back to the part where he dies to see the ONLY peice of good in him. ONLY ONE PIECE

  • Ooo nice article!!! I agree with all of these, especially the worst ships. I’ve watched the video myself a few months back, so I definitely know where you’re coming from. Though I have to admit, I am both surprised and relieved that you didn’t include RowanTawny in your worst ships section, like Quiet Rage did. Not gonna lie, they rank #9 for my favourite ships, and I don’t think they are as bad as people lead them to be, so I’m grateful. This is a great article!

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