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My Theories On Firestar’s Death And Interesting Facts About Him by Skyfall

Skyfall discusses Firestar’s nine lives.

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Art by ClimbToTheStars
[A slim design for Firestar on a dark green background]

Hello! My name is Sky Where Clouds Fall (Skyfall) and I am giving you my theories on Firestar’s death why it happened, and some interesting things about him.
His death and when: I mean, what else could have happened? Let us run through it…
1. He was killed by Scourge in The Darkest Hour
2. He was killed in a battle in Heart of a Warrior
3. He was killed by the leader Rat during the battle against the Rats in Firestar’s Quest
4. He was crushed by a tree while saving the ShadowClan camp in Dawn
5. He was killed by Hawkfrost’s fox trap in Sunset
6. He was killed by greencough in Dark Shadows
7. He was killed by a neck wound due to a fox shortly before The Fourth Apprentice
8. He was killed by Russetfur in the battle against ShadowClan in Fading Echos
9. And he lost his final life due to blood loss and wounds in the Last Battle in The Last Hope
You see that Firestar had lost many lives, and in the start of the series holding The Last Hope, he was some big, good, fancy leader, so naturally, he dies in the same series. And I miss him very much! I am sure you do as well. When he died, I just couldn’t believe it, I was so sad, and I hope that you were too. I mean, he is the main character when the Warriors series started, and then he dies in what’s, the second, third or fourth? (I’m not really sure, sorry!).
Now it is time for a Did You Know on…Firestar!
1. Did you know that Firestar actually spends a lot of time preparing when he’s about to speak? I bet you didn’t!
2. Did you know that Firestar actually looks like his father, Jake? I bet you didn’t either!
3. Did you know that Sparkpelt (you know, his granddaughter I guess?) bears a striking resemblance to him? I still bet you didn’t!
4. Did you know that Firestar’s last words were actually (I’m pretty sure; not a hundered percent) “I will not die until the forest is safe from you”?
Pretty cool, right? Now it’s time to reflect the things you learned with…trivia!
1. Does Firestar look more like his father or mother?
2. Does Firestar prepare his speaking or speak right away?
3. Does Sparkpelt look like Sandstorm or Firestar?
4. What were Firestar’s last words?
5. How did Firestar lose his 5th life?
I hope you enjoyed! (The answers are supplied before!). And that is the conclusion of this article. Bye!

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