Top 10 Threats to the Clans by Skyfall

Skyfall lists ways that can take the Clans down.

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Hello, my name is Sky Where Clouds Fall (Skyfall) and I am writing about the top ten different threats to the Clans (if you are interested). Of course, you are probably thinking that this article is for those good-for-nothing evil cats that want to threaten (and definitely want to destroy) the Clans. But fear not! I am not one of those cats, I am merely writing about things OTHER cats might be interested in…like maybe you?🤨 Anyway, I know you are impatient and think I’m rambling on blah blah blah, so here is the top ten list: (please don’t destroy the Clans. What am I thinking? Of course you’re going to!)
1. Twolegs! Those (aka we) Twolegs are so evil! They (we) captured cats and cut down the old forest! We also leave out a bunch of silly contraptions that get cats BLEEDING and close to NEAR DEATH, like…Puddleshine! He got tangled in silverthorn, the blasted thing! And then monsters, they run so many cats over! I really do think that Twolegs are a main threat to cats, and you can’t convince me otherwise.
2. Injuries. So many cats have died of injuries, most of them, I think. When fighting in battle you can get seriously hurt, and could die of blood loss or infection! Or maybe your breathing is caught off like if you get killed by a blow at the throat. Or with a natural disaster or falling tree or rockslide or something. You could get crushed! And floods too. You drown! So this is why I think this as the second most.
3. Sickness. So many cats have died of sickness too! Mostly greencough, I think. But the Clans have lost so much cats due to sicknesses, that it deserves 3rd place, despite the fact that they have medicine cats that heal them (most of the time). Same with injuries, but sickness seems to take the toll second mostly, so it takes third place on my list.
4. Predators. Predators such as foxes, badgers and dogs are a huge threat, because they eat cats, just like they eat fresh-kill. Of course, for the foxes and badgers, they ARE fresh-kill. Dogs are also predators, I guess, but I think they chase cats for fun, as well as kill them. And there are also giant birds that swoop down too!
5. Deathberries. One seed and you are DEAD. They are basically poison to cats! Shadowsight was lucky to survive when he had one. But I bet a lot of other cats have died having them.
6. Rogues. Rogues can be really dangerous, the Clans learned that from Darktail and his “Kin.” Rogues don’t have Clan ways, and act rashly towards cats, picking unwanted and violent fights, that soon lead to various deaths. I chose rogues as sixth because they don’t come as often as predators, injuries, sicknesses, blah blah blah.
7. Power-hungry cats. Every series has them, and deaths occur all because of them. They want to kill the Clans, and many, MANY, deaths are caused. I know you are thinking that this should be before, but in my opinion, seventh place suits it.
8. Lack of prey. It’s not as bad, but cats have starved, and as much as they don’t die, they come very close too.
9. Gorges. Cats can fall off of those and break like a bajillion bones. I don’t care that rumors say cats always land on their feet; there is NO WAY they could survive a fall that long, and some gorges also have rivers at the bottom. How do you survive THAT then, huh?
10. Last but not least, the Dark Forest. Every cat there is evil, and the Dark Forest was the main conflict in TWO series, and keeps on getting brought up more, so I had to put in on.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed and hopefully DON’T destroy the Clans. Bye!

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