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ThunderClan: The clear Favoritism by Wolfpaw

Wolfpaw discusses the favouritism given to ThunderClan in the series.

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Hello, Wolfpaw here, and I am going to talk about about the ThunderClan favoritism.

Victims of Favoritism. In this segment of the article, I will show examples of victims of favoritism.

Subject one: Thornclaw.
Everyone thinks that Thornclaw was just a patrol guy, but he is far more than that. Thornclaw had his apprenticeship delayed, and was repeatedly ignored. He proved to be a ledgendary warrior with supreme fighting and hunting skills, and had helped Firestar a LOT. He would a better deputy than Brambletar, Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, e.t.c
However, the favoritism got out of hand, and he was never picked. He eventually retired to the elder’s den, knowing that favoritism would never let him reach his dreams.
(there is an AWESOME article about this, search up Thornclaw and you will find it.)

Subject Two: Tawnypelt.
Tawnypelt is one of my favorite characters for a reason. Because her father was Tigerstar1, she was heavily distrusted, and from Firestar’s point of veiw, was not one to be trusted. Unlike Bramblestar, TawnyPAW couldn’t handle it anymore. The other apprentinces whispered about her, and in Tawnypelt’s Clan, she overheard Firestar whispering about whether to NOT MAKE HER A WARRIOR because of her father. Glorified Apprentice Duties Forever? “hmm yeah makes sense” NOT! TawnyPAW was so frustrated and sad that she ran away to ShadowClan, where she would belong. When Firestar finds out that she ran at the gathering, he doesn’t even care!!! Favoritism? Yes.

Subject Three: Onestar and Mudfur
Poor, poor Mudfur. Naive, Naive Onestar. I read the graphic novel Winds of Change, and it is awesome. Opinions aside, we all know the tragic tale of Mudfur, who was given a nasty surprise the day of Tallstar’s death. Repeatedly, through the book, we see OneWHISKER following Firestar blindly, quote, Page 99.
“Is Onewhisker the leader of WindClan, or is Firestar the leader of Onewhisker?” After this, we see that fIrEsTaR always agrees with his FRIEND Onewhisker, and vice-vera. This is clearly getting out of hand.

These are only THREE of the victims. Now for part two of the article:

The Legacy of Favoritism.

Quote from Flamecloud’s AMAZING article, Thornclaw: More Than Just a Patrol Guy;

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