[Sandstorm lovingly nuzzles Firestar]

Analyzing Ships #1 – FireXSand! by Wolfpaw

Wolfpaw takes a closer look at Firestar and Sandstorm’s relationship.

[Sandstorm lovingly nuzzles Firestar]
Art by SilverCloud25 (ART street)
[Sandstorm lovingly nuzzles Firestar]

Hey guys! It’s Wolfpaw, with my 3rd article! I’ve decided to start a series where I analyze ships by discussing each character in the ship and then their relationship, and maybe even their kits. I’m going to start with a classic favorite, FirexSand! Without further ado, let’s dive right in!
Warning: This article might contain some spoilers for the first series, Firestar’s Quest and some other more recent books.

Right, so, I’ll start with Firestar, review his opinion and his feelings on the ship. Then I’ll do the same for Sandstorm. To finish up, I’ll talk all about both of them together as mates and some cute moments. Let’s start!

Firestar at first had a crush on Spottedleaf. Why? She smelled good and looked good. I mean, they didn’t even know each other. Here’s a classic moment where Firestar showed his…less bright side: he had NO clue Sandstorm had any feelings for him. Sure, they were enemies at the start, but things were changing. Of course, Firestar saving Sandstorm from falling off the cliff was life-changing. Anyway, soon enough, Cinderpelt, who also had a crush on Firestar, gave Firestar a hint: Sandstorm likes you. Soon, he started liking Sandstorm just as much as Sandstorm liked him. Now, we’ll talk about Sandstorm’s side.

So, at first, Sandstorm hated Firestar, him being a kittypet and all. She was a bit of a bully and pretty rude to poor Firestar, Firepaw at the time. But when Firestar saved her from falling to her death…well, understandably, things changed. I mean, he SAVED HER LIFE! That kind of completely changed her perspective of her enemy. Arch nemesis to beloved mate-your typical love story, but with cats! Anyway, Sandstorm was then pretty madly in love with Firestar. Of course, Firestar was off on his chase of Spottedleaf, and Spottedleaf was busy stalking Firestar in his dreams. They wouldn’t let go, even after Spottedleaf died! For a good amount of time, Firestar was off chasing some dead cat, not knowing that his soul mate was right there. But when Cinderpelt dropped the hint, soul mates were brought together. Sandstorm definitely loves Firestar, and would follow him wherever he went, like when she followed him when he went to bring SkyClan back together.

Now, we’ll finish with Firestar and Sandstorm as a ship, and some cute moments, and maybe their kits too! So, Firestar and Sandstorm are a really cute ship that I love a lot! They were definitely made for each other and their love for each other has no limits. They are one of the most loved and longest ships there is! They’ve been together from the first first series to OoTS! All the way, they were super cute and really loving and caring for one another. I love when Firestar asks Sandstorm to sleep with him in his den because he’s lonely! That was super cute.
Alright, I’ve decided we’re talking about Firestar and Sandstorm’s kits. Not their grandkids, though, that would make the article too long. Sorry, it’ll still be long, though. So, there’s Leafpool, and then there’s Squirrelflight. We have the calm, quiet and kind, of course destined to be a medicine cat, and the brave, feisty, and adventurous type, destined to become leader. One commits a serious crime of falling in love (totally not me trying to make a point of how ridiculous the medicine cat rule is) and gets forced to step down from her position as medicine cat by her father as punishment. Her sister falls in love with the future deputy, but her uncle is obsessed with her! After a bunch of drama with fire and fake kits, Squirrelflight and her love interest become mates and her mate becomes leader and she becomes deputy! Happy ending!

Alright, hope you liked this! I will do more, so be on the lookout for Part 2!
What do you think of FireXSand? I would love to hear your feedback and your opinions!
Well, that’s it. Wolfpaw out!

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