[Bluestar carries Mosskit through the snow with Stonekit and Mistykit at her side]

The end of Bluestar’s kin. Or is it…? by Inkypaw

Inkypaw wonders where Bluestar’s kin survives to the current arc.

[Bluestar carries Mosskit through the snow with Stonekit and Mistykit at her side]
Art by GrayPillow
[Bluestar carries Mosskit through the snow with Stonekit and Mistykit at her side]

Hello BlogClan! I am Inkypaw here with my first article, hope you enjoy reading it!

***Spoilers in the article, you have been warned***

As of the “A Starless Clan” arc, Bluestar’s bloodline seems to have come to an end.

Bluestar (at the time, Bluefur) of ThunderClan mated with Oakheart of RiverClan back when they were young and impulsive, resulting in a litter of three kits: Mosskit, Stonekit, and Mistykit.
Mosskit died of hypothermia during winter while Bluefur was attempting to move the kittens to RiverClan. Dying as a little baby herself, meant never growing up and finding a mate or having kits.
Stonekit grew up to be Stonefur. Stonefur became an accomplished warrior and was even the deputy of RiverClan for a time under Leopardstar. However, Tigerstar the first came into power and RiverClan ended up under his control as part of “TigerClan”. Long story short, Stonefur ultimately died because of that, never having the chance for a mate or kits himself.
Mistykit grew up to be Mistyfoot. Mistyfoot (later Mistystar) had a mate (Blackclaw) resulting in Reedwhisker and his siblings (Reedwhisker was the only one to live long enough to receive a full warrior name). In the first book of “A Starless Clan” arc: “River”— Mistystar died (possibly of old age? (She was a full warrior back when Firestar and Graystripe *just* received their warrior names, and Graystripe was an elder at the time of his own death)) and Reedwhisker also died in the same book (of what? That is the question! A mystery!)

Thus ending Bluestar’s lineage.
Or did it?

Starting with the obvious (canon information), Bluestar’s daughter was Mistystar, and Mistystar was the mother of Reedwhisker.

From there, no other information has been officially published in the main books or guides.


Kate Cary once wrote (way back in September 2016):

Reedwhisker was said to have been mates with Duskfur, and had kits: Podlight and Curlfeather.
Curlfeather was the mother of Frostpaw and her siblings

(It’s written in the allegiances, but not considered “canon” until it makes it through the “editorial sieve” and gets published in the books)

Another (more complicated) possibility:

According to Su Susann’s “Missing Kits” on Vicky Holmes’ Facebook:

Reedwhisker was said to be mates with Swallowtail, and had kits: Rainstorm and Mintfur.

Mintfur was the father of Petalfur
Petalfur was the mother of Jayclaw
Jayclaw was the father of Frostpaw and her siblings

(It’s interesting, but not considered “canon” until it gets published in the books)

So Reedwhisker could have been Frostpaw’s grandfather or possibly her great-great grandfather!

That would mean Bluestar was Frostpaw’s great-great grandmother

(Bluestar ~ Mistystar ~ Reedwhisker ~ Curlfeather ~ Frostpaw)

Or possibly Frostpaw’s great-great-great-great grandmother!

(Bluestar ~ Mistystar ~ Reedwhisker ~ Mintfur ~ Petalfur ~ Jayclaw ~ Frostpaw)

((Note: There is also the possibility of BOTH theories being true! (Reedwhisker having multiple mates over the course of his lifetime plus Clan inbreeding) But that is a topic for another day…))

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  • Nice! You certainly dug deep into this. I was just assuming it would be about the obvious “Whitestorm is Bluestar’s nephew” or something like that, but either way, this is wonderful! Very pleasant read for a wandering kittypet (me).

  • If this is true, then Frostpaw would be related to Bristlefrost. Let me explain. Bristlefrost’s mother is Ivypool, whose father is Birchfall, whose mother is Ferncloud, whose father is Whitestorm, whose mother is Snowfur, whose sister is…drum roll, please…Bluestar! And if Bluestar is related to Frostpaw, that means Bristlefrost is also related to her!

  • Nice article! Lol this is all really interesting but I’m seething inside because Rainstorm is one of my oc’s names and I really really hope it doesn’t get made canon!!

  • Actually, after some investigating, I have found that Bluestar’s Grandmother had a sister, Flashnose. Flashnose’s daughter is Swiftbreeze. Swiftbreeze had Redtail, Spottedleaf, Willowpelt, Patchpelt, and Leopardfoot. Basically, Bluestar’s family is in every single clan, maybe not Windclan though. Let me explain. Willowpelt had Graystripe, Graystripe had Blossomfall, She had Stemleaf, and Stemleaf had Spotfur’s kits. I charted her entire family lineage. I’ll let you figure out what was up with Whitestorm.

  • This is a fantastic article! It must have taken a lot of time and effort to put together. Though Bluestar has kin that is still alive and has had kits, including Whitestorm and Daisytoe. Daisytoe’s sister was Swiftbreeze, who had Spottedleaf, Leopardfoot, Willowpelt, Redtail and Patchpelt, who as you know, had many kits. Great job! 🙂

  • Also Whitestorm had like twenty kits who had like twenty kits who had like twenty kits. she’s also kin with swiftbreeze (Or Adderfang), relating her to Tigerstar, Graystripe, and their many children. Even Spotfur is her kin.

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