[Nightheart and Sunbeam glance at each other while Frostpaw sits by with some herbs]

A Starless Clan Theories by Streampaw

[Nightheart and Sunbeam glance at each other while Frostpaw sits by with some herbs]
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[Nightheart and Sunbeam glance at each other while Frostpaw sits by with some herbs]
Streampaw shares their theories about A Starless Clan.

Clan cat greetings and dead clan cat greetings, fellow blogclanners! I’m Streampaw, and this is my first article, set in the time of the newest series, A Starless Clan. These are my current theories for this arc and how it will go. If you disagree, I would love to hear your theories in the comments! And please remember that I’m only on Chapter 12 of Sky right now, so this might be wrong. So, let’s get into this.

*Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead For This Arc and others*

1. Book Names
My theory is that in each book, a leader will die. The names of the books will be the Clan whose leader dies. River was RiverClan, Sky will be SkyClan, and Shadow ShadowClan. The next book will be either Wind or Thunder, though I think it would be Wind so they could kill off the most POVs and plot-important Clan’s leader last. And then the clans will panic like the world is ending. But I don’t want to kill off the other deputies, because we want Squirrelstar and Crowstar, and Hawkstar sounds good. I don’t know much about Cloverfoot, but she sounds like she’d make a good leader. So maybe they’re conveniently taken out of the picture, like they caught a disease or were wounded and won’t die, but can’t lead, or they were taken by twolegs, or rouges, or another mystery Clan we don’t know about. Or the Sisters take them for some reason or the tribe. Anything could happen. So with leaders and deputies gone, they panic cause that’s the only thing they know how to do. This will be continued in my later theories.

This brings us to theory number 2.
1. Frostpaw’s Visions
We see that Frostpaw has visions of a curled feather in River, and in Sky, has visions of Curlfeather telling her to look past the obvious choices. I’m not saying she was faking it intentionally, just that she was seeing things she wanted to see. I think that the same thing that happened in The Broken Code is happening to StarClan here. We see in the prologue of Sky that Reedwhisker is telling his mother they need to help the Clan, but Mistystar says she tried and it’s not possible. I think they are being blocked out again. By what? I don’t know. So Frostpaw wasn’t talking to StarClan, but she wasn’t talking to anyone else. She’s seeing visions of what she wants to see manifesting as a StarClan vision telling her what to do. That’s why, in Chapter 12 of Sky, we see that StarClan didn’t give Owlnose his lives, because he wasn’t the right choice, and secondly, they can’t. They’re blocked away. Relating to the first theory, the medicine cats try to talk to StarClan, but have the same problem as Frostpaw and some (not all) see what they want. This causes even more chaos, and no one knows what to do. And naturally, since these are the Warrior Clans, they panic even more.

3. Sunbeam and Nightheart
We all know it’s coming, but not all of us want it to. I don’t know at this point if I ship them, but this is what I think will happen. Nightheart starts feeling even more out of place in ThunderClan than before (is that even possible?) and decides to move Clans to ShadowClan. Sparkpelt and Finchlight are horrified and basically disown him. Then, our undecided protagonist pulls a Twigbranch, and switches back. Then he switches again like 5 times until he finally realizes ThunderClan is his home and everyone, Squirrelflight especially, is just tired of this and gives him some cold shoulders for a while. And then they’re good again after a long nap for about 2 moons. Anyway, Sunbeam here is very much disagreeing with the secret society meetings her mom is having, but still goes and pretends to slightly agree, because she thinks that if she has information that could someday help her, she can be better than her ex, Lightleap and look better in front of Lightmessedup in front her dad, the Big Boss of ShadownClan, Tigerheartstar. Then she decides 1 book later, while everyone is dying, that she’s had enough, and to get at her mom, does a “Clan-switch” to ThunderClan. Nightheart says he knew nothing about this, but ThunderClanners can’t cut him any slack, and his self-esteem and wounded pride are butchered up by literally everybody. And on the side, Sunbeam is enjoying her mother being furious and doesn’t notice what butchering she’s causing. Sunbeam stays in ThunderClan for 2 reasons, 1. to finally give a forbidden ship a decent ending, and 2. So the Erins can make a point, that the new addition to the code is important and will work out. Oh, and to try and separate it from The Broken Code.

This isn’t a theory, but am I the only one who noticed that this is a replay of The Broken Code? We have Sunbeam and Bristlefrost, two tortured young female cats who were rejected by their true love, and got together with their friend, who they don’t get along with very well, and then realize their true love is a few Clans away and bond even more on a journey. Then there’s Nightheart and Rootspring, two also tortured male cats who don’t fit into their Clan because of their family, and fall in love with previously mentioned tortured cats and bonus, have sisters who don’t get along with them, but don’t exactly hate them, and also probably don’t approve of their love story. Then we have Frostpaw ad Shadowsight, who both are tortured medicine cats (good job on making them different genders, Erins!) and have connections to StarClan that are very important. They are shy and sweet and insecure about their abilities and feel sometimes that their mentor doesn’t understand what they’re going through. Also, the StarClan is being blocked thing is the same as the broken code, so if Darktail or Tigerstar is going to control Tigerheartstar or Leafstar before they die or something, I’m giving up, honestly. So Erins, please don’t let my theories come true and make this into a Broken Code replay.

On a good note, I feel like there’ll be this scene, maybe not in the books, but it happens, where they have a “Who Broke It?” meme second with the Moonpool, and Jayfeather is the one asking. But the “I broke it. I burned my hand and got angry, so I punched it.” part wouldn’t make sense, exactly. Unless Jayfeather is the one being controlled by Tigerstar or Hawkfrost or Scourge or something. Oh, that would be interesting. You know, I should make an animation of this scene.

Anyway, anywho, that’s it for now. I might make a part two if I think of more theories, but this is the end of my theories for A Starless Clan. Clan cat goodbyes and dead clan cat goodbyes, fellow Blogclanners!

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