Who I think will give Squirrelflights nine lives by Lightningstrike

Lightningstrike shares who they think would give Squirrelflight her nine lives if she were to become leader.

Official art by Owen Richardson

Hello! I’m Lightningstrike, I’m going to make this an interesting article as it’s my first one I’m writing.


This will be split into three categories, Obvious choices, Maybe/probably (where the cat may probably give her a life, or maybe) and an unknown one that will be shown at the end of the article!

Note: I will focus on what her lives will be in a SEPARATE article, but you can make your own in the comments!


1. Firestar, She’s squirrelflights father, I think we all know this

2. Sandstorm, the mother of squirrel flight

3. Leafpool, squirrelflights beloved sister.

4. Bramblestar, bramblestar MUST be here, it seems like a starclan rule that if the previous ruler of a clan has joined starclan, the must at least ATTEND the leader ceremony of their deputy. And plus, Bramblestar is squirrelflights mate, he would have to be there anyways.


the way this will work (you don’t need to read it if you read it earlier at the start) is that the cat I’m discussing will be placed that maybe they will give squirrelflight a life, or probably will.

1. Feathertail,
this is a hard one for me, she’s placed in both, as she walks in 2 skies, the only times we see her are in the tribe of endless hunting (this will also count when Leafpaw sees silverstream and feathertail looking at Crowfeather mourning feathertail) but in contrast, she played a key role in Squirrelflights life, as a travel partner.

2. Hollyleaf
It makes sense for Hollyleaf to be there, after all, she was squirrelflights “child” and squirrelflight did raise her, she could just be there, like in Bramblestars ceremony, but it would make more sense if she gave a life. I’ll put hollyleaf in probably

3. Bluestar
Bluestar will also be put in probably, she was there in the past 2 leader ceremonies, so why not add it for another one! I mean, Bramblestar barely knew her but she was there for his ceremony.

you guys choose the final two cats! If I can edit an article, I’ll read through the comments and choose which ones I find reasonable. If I can’t, I’ll upload the two along with the article of what lives squirrelflight receives.
You may want to wait before making your comment, as a cat who played an important role in Squirrelflights life might die (like lionblaze or Jayfeather) but it doesn’t need to be important. This is shown with bramblestar as mousefur was there at his and Bramblestar didn’t really have a connection with Mousefur.

If your wondering why I’m letting you choose this, is because I can’t figure out who it is. I had many ideas like Shrewpaw or Dustpelt, but it didn’t make sense.


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