[Bristlefrost and Rootspring walk through cherry blossoms together]

Ship It Or Rip It by Skyfall

Skyfall shares their opinion on several ships from the series.

[Bristlefrost and Rootspring walk through cherry blossoms together]
Art by Vazivaoe
[Bristlefrost and Rootspring walk through cherry blossoms together]

Hello, BlogClan! Having a nice day? I hope so! But if not, this article is gonna get you into a nice mood! It’s…Ship it or Rip it!
Here is how it works: I will name a bunch of ships from three Warriors series, and judge them. If I like the ship, I will say “ship it!” If I dislike the ship, I will say “rip it!” Make sure to post your opinions in the comments as well! The three series are…Dawn of the Clans, Vision of Shadows, and Broken Code.
1. Rootfrost. Ship it! They are such a sweet couple, it is so sad that Bristlefrost dies! They would have made a good couple, and their love for each other is really strong. Rootspring was going to leave SkyClan for Bristlefrost after the battle against Ashfur! But Bristlefrost died and he couldn’t. I really wish they could have become mates.
2. Aldertail. Rip it! Even though they are a sweet couple, (I can’t deny that), and that Needletail turns out to be good, I still rip the ship because Alderheart and Needletail would not fit together in my opinion. Also, Alderheart would break the warrior code if they mated.
3. Velvetheart. Ship it! If they could be together, Alderheart and Velvet would be a REALLY sweet couple. Velvet is so nice and Alderheart clearly likes her. I know it’s against the warrior code, but shipping them together is a sure ship for me. No on can convince me otherwise!
4. Heatherblaze. Rip it! They were CLEARLY in love at one point, but Heathertail does NOT deserve Lionblaze. Lionblaze definitely deserves Cinderheart. Heathertail is ugh to me. She also mated with BREEZEPELT of all cats later. She is not the cat Lionblaze thought she was. Therefore, this ship is a definite rip.
5. Here it comes…Fireleaf. Ship it! Firestar and Spottedleaf would be sweet together, and Firestar really loved her. I think they definitely would mate if Spottedleaf hadn’t become a medicine cat. Therefore, I give this ship a “ship it.”
6. Tigerwing. Rip it! I just don’t like this ship because Dovewing really betrayed her Clan. She was one of the Three, and is supposed to be loyal! And then she and Tigerheart/star run off when the Clans need them most just to be together! I don’t know how to explain it, but this ship will always be a rip to me.
7. Hawkpool. Rip it! I know Hawkfrost liked Ivypool and that she might have liked him back if she hadn’t found out that he was evil. Maybe they would have worked out someway with no evil or evil? Who knows?
8. Longfur. Ship it! Longtail and Mousefur are such good friends, they’d be even better mates! When they are elders and friends, I still wonder how they haven’t mated. Maybe in StarClan!
9. Brookfur. Ship it! Stormfur and Brook have been through so much together, and been together every step of the way. It is clear to me that they were meant to be together and overtime with all the challenges they have faced, they have formed a special bond. At least, that is what I feel.
10. Last but not least, Treeshine. Ship it! Violetshine and Tree have loved each other for a while I think, so when they mate I am definitely cheering them on. And despite the challenges they have faced and the fact that they are different, they are perfect mates and will do anything for their family.
That’s it and I hope you enjoyed! And make sure to post your opinions in the comments! I also hope that maybe this gave you more information about the ships and maybe change your mind? Anyway, I hope you liked this! See you around!

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  • Nice article! My thoughts:
    RootXBristle- 100%! Love this! So sad she died 🙁
    AlderXNeedle- Rip it. I think Needle was way better off with someone else (plus, I just hate Alderheart in general and very much hate VOS)
    AlderXVelvet- Again, rip it.
    HeatherXLion- Rip it. I think Heather is way better off with Breeze. I also think Lionblaze didn’t chose the best mate in Cinderheart (She was sort of selfish, although I do think she is a great character)
    FireXSpotted- Rip it! I love FireXSand and I just think Fire and Spotted is gross 🤢
    TigerXDove- Ship it! I love this couple! They are just sooooooo cute together! I love Tigerheart/star very much and Dovewing is great too!
    HawkXIvy- Ship it 100%! It would have made the story so interesting! Especially if she ended up having kits with him and those kits would be of Bristlefrost’s litter! So cute! I think they did have a relationship, it was just an unspoken thing! 🙂
    LongXMouse- Rip it. They are more like bro and sis.
    BrookXStorm- Ship it! I love that he gave up everything for her!
    TreeXViolet- Ship it!

    • I respectfully disagree, I think FireXSpotted is amazing, and just imagine their kits <3. I don't really like FireXSand once they fell in love the fun ended, although their kits are pretty cool.

  • Here is my opinion:

    RootXBristle: 100%, so cute!
    AlderXNeedle: 40%, I like this ship, but I like Velvet and him. besides, Needletail has Rain(I think that’s the name of the cat she loved)
    AlderXVelvet, 70%, again, I like this ship, but still; not my favorite.
    LoinXHeather, 70%, I like this ship. I do like CinderheartXLoinblaze, but I think Heathertail is better for Loinblaze.
    FireXSpotted: 80%, It’s so cute when Firestar announces his love for Sandstorm, but I like Spottedleaf and Firestar way better.
    TigerXDove: 20%, I really hate this ship. At first I liked their ship 50%, but when I read the article, “Dovewing was forced into ship’ it made me hate this ship a lot more.
    IvyXHawk, 10%, bruh, I don’t get this ship. Sure, she trained in the DF with him, but that doesn’t mean she loved him for it.
    MouseXLong, 30%, I can defiantly see them as a couple, but they seem to be more like a sis and bro.
    BrookXStorm: 85%, cute ship!
    TreeXVoilet: 100%!!!!!

  • My opinion:

    1. 100% ship it!
    2. 50% there cute but, sadly, Needle dies while I was chanting AlderxNeedle in my head
    3. 0% I HATE THIS!!!!
    4. 0% see above
    5. -100% I loathe this with all my heart and soul.
    6. 80% I like this, but it would’ve been better if there was less of an age gap and less of them being cousins
    7. 0% NO. just no.
    8. 90% how can u not ship these two???
    9. 100% they r made 4 each other
    10. 1000% THIS SHIP IS LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with you, I do rip Heatherblaze. It was honestly a silly apprentice crush and when Lion said he had to stop seeing her to be loyal, she got mad. Then those kits got into the tunnels and (idk abt you but i believe it when heather says the kit told abt the tunnel) when Windclan attacked using the tunnels, Lion blamed it on Heather, even when she said otherwise. I don’t blame him, but he shouldn’t just jump to conclusions. It could have been the kit. He acts very violently towards Heather in the battle and nearly kills her mentor in front of her. For nothing! Then he gets upset (at least that’s what i heard, if not, correct me please.) that Heather mates with Breeze. Imo, I like Heatherbreeze/Breezetail, they are cute together and that good for nothing, jerk, Lionblaze, did NOT diserve her.

  • I don’t agree, but cool article!