[Tigerstar stands proudly in profile while looking forward]

Why I Hate Tigerheart/star by Silverdusk

Silverdusk shares their opinion on the young Tigerstar.

[Tigerstar stands proudly in profile while looking forward]
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[Tigerstar stands proudly in profile while looking forward]

Hola! My name is Silverdusk and in this article I am going to sharing my opinions on Tigerheart/star. In case you couldn’t tell from the name of this article, I hate him. At least half of the fandom hates him too.
Here’s my reasons why.

Firstly, let’s go over Tigerheart’s backstory. His parents are Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw. His littermates are Dawnpelt and Flametail. I hate Flametail by the way. He is so rude and a really selfish cat. Anyways, back to Tigerheart. He went on a journey to find out what was causing the drought. He met Dovepaw and instantly started flirting with her, much to Dovepaw’s disgust.

Yet, before long, Dovepaw’s loyalty to the friends she made on the journey made her grow closer to Tigerheart. Then they had this on and off junk and then blah blah blah blah blah. Ok! Time to move onto the article.

His personality

Tigerheart has a terrible personality. He is indecisive, unable to just choose between his mate or his Clan. In Tigerheart’s Shadow, Tigerheart couldn’t choose between Dovewing or his Clan when Dove was leaving the Clans. Tigerheart went after her, gave up at the Thunderpath, returned to his Clan, had an argument with his daddy and chose to leave. Tigerheart is also arrogant. He always believes that he’s right. In Squirrelflight’s Hope, his stubbornness disgusted me. He was so rude to all the SkyClan cats. It was Tigerheart’s damn idea for SkyClan to take half of ShadowClan territory!
Why was he being so horrible about it and so careless about Moonlight’s kits? He couldn’t just let the Sisters stay for a few more moons! Ugh!

The Issue With His Clan

In the above paragraph, I said that Tigerheart couldn’t choose between his Clan and Dovewing. That is actually incorrect. Tigerheart has chosen. Multiple times. When he found out that Dovewing had access to catmint, he started to grill her for more information, despite how obviously uncomfortable this made her. Then he told his Clanmates and they took the herb. Tigerheart made a pretty clear choice here. Yes, he was only looking out for his own Clan, but he had little to no regard for his girlfriend’s life or his Clanmates. What happened if Dovewing fell ill and there were not enough herbs to help her? Tigerheart stole from Dovewing’s Clan and used her for info. That isn’t faithful mate material. And that’s the thing. Tigerheart has chosen his Clan over Dovewing time and time again.

Why He’s A Bad Leader

After returning to his Clan, Tigerheart made some fox-hearted speech and the whole Clan was putty in his paws. ShadowClan are some tough cookies – they basically drove Rowanstar out for not being strong enough. Yet their all as meek as kittens when it comes to Tigerheart/star. Once Dovewing made the choice to join Tigerheart in his Clan and she had his kits, he instantly started babying her and choosing her over his Clan. That’s the qualities of a bad leader. Firetar denoted his own daughter from a med cat to warrior. Tigerstar would do nothing like that for his Clan. He’s made it clear he would do anything for his family – even if it means betraying his Clan. Tigerheart is also a giant Hypocrite and bully. It was his idea to let SkyClan take half of Shadowclan territory, then he began to complain about it. UGH.

So that concludes my article! This only explains a fraction of my hatred towards Tigerheart. Do you agree? How much do you hate Tigerstar 2 on a scale of 1 to 1000?

~ Silverdusk

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  • I love Tigerheart! He’s such a cute personality and he’s basically still an apprentice at heart, that might be why he’s so indecisive. Also pls add a spoiler alert because I didn’t know that he became leader (I’m still up to omen of the stars, I ordered the other books but they haven’t come yet)

  • tigerstar 2 is not my favorite cat mostly because he has the name of a dark forest cat and they should’ve chose something else so it wasn’t so confusing- I think he’s a bad leader but Shadowclan leaders are always kinda mid….

  • The only books I’ve read with Tigerheart in it are Tawnypelt’s Clan and Thunder but I still hate him

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