[A sketch of Ferncloud laying down]

Ferncloud- The overhated queen by Palepaw

Palepaw discusses the ThunderClan queen, Ferncloud.

[A sketch of Ferncloud laying down]
Art by songsteps (tumblr)
[A sketch of Ferncloud laying down]

Hello! I’m Palepaw, and this is my first article so far! I wanted to defend Ferncloud, since I find her to be underrated and maybe even overhated! Before we start, I’ll respect all of your opinions and please be polite in the comments 🙂

Why is Ferncloud hated?
I think that she is just generally seen as a boring cat with nothing to do except for watching kits.And believe it or not, Ferncloud was actually killed off because the fans hated her so much.

“She was useless and lazy! Plus her warrior training went to waste!”

This is not true. Most people think this because she was in the nursery for a lot of her life, barely going out to fight or to hunt. Even though this might be the case, staying in the nursery helped raise so many kits. I don’t understand what part of raising a bunch of rambunctious kits is ‘ lazy or useless ‘ ( I’ll get to the wasted training part later )

“ She’s a kit machine “

This is honestly a hurtful thing to say, and some cats like Snowbird had more kits than her. Here’s an overview:
Ferncloud had 7 kits.
Her daughters: Larchkit, Hollykit and Icecloud
Her sons: Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Birchfall, and Foxleap
Out of Ferncloud’s 7 sons and daughters, 2 of them died when they were kits. That technically means she only raised 5 of them fully.
Now let’s take a look at Snowbird ;
Her daughters: Beenose, Berryheart, Yarrowleaf, Bluebellkit, Gullswoop, and Frondwhisker.
Her sons : Buster and Conefoot
She had 8 kits. Only one of them died when they were a kit, meaning that she raised 7 of them fully.
Digging even deeper, most cats have 4 ~ 8 kittens in ONE litter, meaning that Ferncloud actually had an average amount of kits. ( I’m talking about irl cats btw )

“ She neglected her kits! “

This MIGHT be the case, but if they were REALLY neglected, then they would probably all be dead- Plus, in the books Ferncloud is shown fussing over her kits and taking care of them. Some fans might complain that after Larchkit and Hollykit died, Ferncloud just shrugged it off and went “ I’m gonna go have some more “ And barely grieved. Here’s proof that Ferncloud actually cared:

Dawn p.126

“ Hollykit is dead! “ Ferncloud whispered. “ Dustpelt’s gone to bury her “ She tucked her remaining kit close to her belly. “ I woke up and she was cold. So cold “ Her voice cracked with grief. “ I licked her and liked her but she would not wake up! “

Obviously in this scene, she is grief stricken. Who wouldn’t be though.

~Moving onto some random defending~

Without Ferncloud, a lot of the other queens would’ve had trouble raising their kits. Ferncloud has been a queen for a very long time. TNP until OOTS, The last hope I believe. She was killed by Brokenstar while protecting the nursery, and protecting Brightheart. That was a very noble death and I think that more people should be praising her for that.

“Ferncloud straddled Brightheart’s nest, slashing at a massive, dark brown tom. Spitting in fury, she darted for his throat. The warrior dodged and caught her scruff between his jaws. Snapping back his head, he dragged her from the den.
Ferncloud stared up at him in terror as he sank his teeth deep into her neck. With a grunt, she fell still.”

Not only does this line prove that her Warrior training never went to waste, but it shows that she truly cares about others and is willing to put her clanmate’s safety in front of hers. She was selfless as well, helping to take care of OTHERS kits.

Thanks for sticking around and reading the article! I love Ferncloud, she’s gentle and caring. Should I make more defending articles like this? Please let me know! Anyways, Palepaw out! x

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