[Nightheart illuminated by a full moon and stars]

Let’s talk about Nightheart by Shadeleap

Shadeleap shares their opinion on Nightheart.

[Nightheart illuminated by a full moon and stars]
Art by Jayie-The-Hufflepuff
[Nightheart illuminated by a full moon and stars]

Hey BlogClan! Today I’m going to be talking about probably the most controversial ASC protagonist, Nightheart. Most people don’t like this tom, but many do, so I thought I should talk about him. Enjoy!
So, my thoughts on Nightheart are… mixed. On one paw, I like his struggles, and I think his story could be really interesting, but on the other paw, half of ThunderClan is related to Firestar now, so every cat looking to Nightheart like he should be the next Firestar is just totally out of the blue! His story would make sense if it were like, Leafpool or Lionblaze or something, but Nightheart is 3 generations removed from Firestar. I also struggle to connect with this adult man acting so immature. I get that he wants to be seen for who he is and not who Firestar was, but there are other ways to do this than acting like a baby. He’s not a kit, and he’s not even apprentice aged. He’s the same age as cats like Rootspring and Needleclaw who got their warrior names in Darkness Within.
I think I have a theory as to why Nightheart’s struggle was placed on him, not his sister, his mom, uncle, cousin, or any other cat related to him. And unlike Nightheart thinks, pelt color doesn’t matter.
My theory on this has to do with monarchies. As a problem brought up in Graystripe’s Vow, the power has mostly stayed in Firestar’s family. This wasn’t intended, but Bramblestar made Squirrelflight his deputy, so here we are. This theory works with the system where the power goes through male heirs, or the toms of ThunderClan. However, Firestar doesn’t have any sons, so the power would go to his firstborn daughter, Leafpool. However, since she is a medicine cat, the ‘throne’ of leadership would go to Squirrelflight. After her, the power would go to her oldest son, Alderheart. But Alderheart is a medicine cat, so it would go to his sister, Sparkpelt. Sparkpelt has two kits, the eldest of which is Finchlight, but the oldest tom is Nightheart, so there you go. According to this system Nightheart is the next heir to the ThunderClan throne.
Now, I know that Warriors doesn’t have a monarchy. If it were, Firestar would never have become leader, seeing as he’s not related to Bluestar, or anyone really. And it still doesn’t make a ton of sense why Nightheart’s struggles were given to him and not Squirrelflight, Leafpool, or any of their kits, but I can partially understand it if this theory is true. Anyway, that’s all I got. It’s a much shorter article for you all today, but I hope you enjoyed it.
And remember:
It’s all just a theory.
A Warriors theory!
Thanks for reading.

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  • Interesting theory! I like Nightheart, but I get secondhand embarrassment for some of the things he does. He really needs to choose, and I’m glad he did. He belongs in ThunderClan, and I don’t think Sparkpelt was ever meant to be a mother, honestly. She’s not a very good one, neglecting Nightheart like that. At least she still loves him.

  • great article, Shades! Your theory is really interesting! I never thought of it like that! From what I’ve heard, having not read ASC, Nightheart struggles with how he feels Thunderclan treats him, and doesn’t want to be compared to Firestar. I think that Nightheart’s challenges may affect his mindset, but there is validity to his emotions. He isn’t Firestar and everyone knows that, but he was still named after his legendary ancestor. Nightheart has a right to feel frustrated about his former name. But leaving Thunderclan wasn’t the best solution to his problems, and I’m glad he returned.
    Your monarchy theory got me thinking; what if Warriors do choose their leaders off of a monarchy system? Or maybe it was just that stupid “male figurehead” stereotype that the Erins unintentionally followed. Either way, this is a fantastic article! I loved the reference at the end XD

  • Great article! I agree with you, but I also believe that the reason why cats compare Nightheart and Firestar is because of their personalities. They both oftentimes “butt-heads” with the status quo and often find some rules or clan ways unreasonable. So they often break rules. Well Firestar when he was young with little responsibilities. We’ll see with Nightheart. They are also sometimes quite short-tempered and don’t really have or have a strong bond with their kin. And besides, Bramblestar said that he does see some Firestar qualities IN him when he gives Nightheart his name.

    However, Firestar is more honorable and has a bigger heart. He respects certain rules that if they were broken, it would affect multiple cats. Like with Graystripe and Silver, he knew that Riverclan and Thunderclan would be both affected if they were found out. And no matter what, he would always try to do the right thing. Only breaking the codes, like secretly meeting Tallstar for a truce. Again, both clans will be affected.

    Nightheart mostly does things for his own benefit. As if now though, who knows, he could mature. He went to Shadowclan for his own benefit and is quite bratty. But he is clever and isn’t afraid to work smarter instead of harder. I feel like Firestar would always try to choose the honorable way, while Nightheart will choose the path that helps his reputation (and Sunbeams).

    Anyway, that’s my input. Thanks if you read all of that.

  • I think Firestar may represent for Nightheart the fear of getting Leadership. To be obvious he was even considered as a successor for Thunder Clan by Thornclaw as a kit. Warriors not seem to me to have a problem with Dynasties but Nightheart has prestigious ancestors through three generations :Oakstar, Pinestar, Bramblestar. He is a descendant of Whitestorm, Bluestars Nephew and a great great great nephew of Firestar through Larksong, Snowbush, and Cloudtail, His great grandfather is Leader and his great grandmother deputy and like Sparkpelt and Bayshine he could be a Leadership candidate. But Warriors do not seem to me to have a problem with Dynasties. Tigerheart of Shadow Clan is the best example. Six leaders and Deputies related to him:Raggedstar, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Russetfur, Rownstar, Tawnypelt

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