[Tigerclaw looking smugly while standing in front of a forest cave]

Tigerclaw/star isnt so bad by Roseheart

Roseheart shares why they think the first Tigerstar wasn’t so bad.

[Tigerclaw looking smugly while standing in front of a forest cave]
Art by Blaukralle
[Tigerclaw looking smugly while standing in front of a forest cave]

Hey guys! Roseheart she/her here(this is my 2nd article idk where my first one went lol)
Soo umm i feel like I’m the only one here with this opinion soo ummm, that’s fun!
(P.S. this is my opinion so pls no hate)
So, you’re probably wondering, why is tigerstar not bad, like WHYY MISS GIRL! Welp, here goes nothing! Im prob going to get a LOT of hate for this article sooo yeaaa

Everyone here knows that tigerstar did a LOT wrong cough cough
Tigerclaw: “Remember me to StarClan, Bluestar.”
Bluestar: “Tigerclaw, what is this? I’m the leader of your Clan, or have you forgotten?”
Tigerclaw: “Not for much longer. I’m going to kill you, and kill you again. As many times as it takes for you to join StarClan forever. It’s time for me to lead this Clan!”
—Tigerclaw attempting to murder Bluestar Forest of Secrets, pages 273-274
. He killed redtail, tried to kill bluestar, let a pack of rogues in camp, tried to kill his apprentice, let a pack of dogs in camp etc. Today I’m not talking about that. I am saying that Tigerstar was not a bad villain and he wasn’t like that before, it’s not his fault.

Starting off, he was a really good villain. Most villains in the series something drove them crazy which caused them to become a villain and sometimes they don’t even become a villain, they just do bad stuff. For example, Mapleshade, Ashfur (like bro what happened to u), Bluestar(she wasn’t a villain but sheesh her shock made her lose faith in Starclan!) etc. This guy had a good, reasonable reason for it. Power. Plus, the villains these days are just…. Sigh. (I’m lookin at u Bollywood no hate i love watching it lol)

Next up, it is not his fault. (sorry if i get some of this wrong i got these from articles and the wiki) So apparently Thistleclaw is the mentor of Tigerstar and caused him to become bloodthirsty so umm yea i was not his fault.
Next article: problems about Tigerclaw/star not existing
Anyways, thanks for reading guys! Rose- OUT

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  • Me personally, i think that tigerclaw/star was bad but in a moral way, not a bad villain, though i agree he was set up to be a villian since kit-hood.