[a simple design of Dovewing standing]

Defending Dovewing by Meadowpaw and Rainpaw

Meadowpaw and Rainpaw defend Dovewing.

[a simple design of Dovewing standing]
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[a simple design of Dovewing standing]

Hello, BlogClan! It’s Meadowpaw and Rainpaw here and today we’re going to be defending one of our favorite characters: Dovewing! We’ll be listing reasons why people hate her, and defending her against them.

Claim #1: “She’s too whiny!”

Rainpaw: Umm, this one is just ridiculous. Dovewing is NOT whiny. She might’ve acted a little distressed after losing her powers, but so would anyone else if suddenly their hearing was fifty percent gone.

Meadowpaw: I completely agree! Dovewing thought her powers were something everyone else had until Jayfeather and Lionblaze told her she was part of a prophecy and those were special powers. Then she suddenly lost them after she had them her whole life, and it would be super hard for her to suddenly have to adjust both times. Dovewing would probably have been extremely stressed and had good reasons to whine. Plus, even Ivypool complained as an apprentice as well 😛

Rainpaw: Yes, Ivypaw definitely complained as an apprentice. 😛

Claim #2: “She’s a Mary Sue”

Meadowpaw: Dovewing is not a Mary-Sue. To be a Mary-Sue you need to have no flaws and no weaknesses, which Dovewing has lots of.

Rainpaw: Exactly! Like its a little bit ironic that people call her a Mary Sue but hate her. Mary Sues are supposed to be characters that everyone likes, including the readers. Dovewing definitely had her flaws, but so do most characters. If she were a true Mary Sue, she would’ve dramatically rejected Tigerheart, claiming to be too loyal to her Clan to mate with a ShadowClan cat. She, by definition, cannot be a Mary Sue.

Meadowpaw: Plus, you can’t really say she’s a Mary-Sue if you say she’s whiny 😛

Claim #3: “She got upset after losing her powers”

Rainpaw: Well, all I have to say is of course she did! Wouldn’t you be upset if some power you had suddenly disappeared and everything felt strange to you now? Like Meadow said earlier, she had her powers her entire life, and it must’ve been a shock to her to lose them after all that time.

Meadowpaw: Exactly! Dovewing would’ve felt as if she had just lost her hearing and she had every right to be upset.

Claim #4: “She ran away and left ThunderClan for Tigerheart”

Meadowpaw: Dovewing chose to run away to the city because she thought it was the safest place for her kits to be born and raised. She had already been having dreams about bad things that could happen to them if she had stayed in ThunderClan. As for moving to ShadowClan, she felt that it would be the place where she would be happiest because she would be with her mate and her kits wouldn’t be separated from one of their parents. If she hadn’t moved, she and Tigerheart would also have to decide which Clan would get to keep the kits and that would cause all sorts of problems.

Rainpaw: That’s right! Any cat deserves to be with whoever makes them happy, and if Tigerheart from ShadowClan was that cat, so what? Dovewing is her own cat, and she has the right to make her own decisions. Plus, choosing to move to ShadowClan was probably the smarter choice, since it meant she didn’t have to have divided loyalties anymore.


In conclusion, Dovewing is a misunderstood but amazing character who we think deserves respect. We might not agree with every choice she makes, but overall, she’s really kind and tries to do the right thing.

That’s all for now, has your opinion on Dovewing changed? Thanks so much for reading, see you in our next article!

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  • I personally don’t like this ship but I agree that Dovewing had her reasons. Amazing article!

  • I personally HATE HATE HATE (you get the point.) Dovewing and Tigerheart but I understand your reasons to defend her!
    (I still want to yeet her to the sun though. 🙃)

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