[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

Random facts about warriors that aren’t necessary for life but still cool to know (Part 2!) by Shadeleap

Shadeleap lists more random facts from the series.

[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]
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[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

Heyy BlogClan! Welcome back to my random facts!! Enjoy!

#1. One-eye was mentored by her brother-in-law
#2. Frostpaw made her uncle (Owlnose) leader
#3. Sorreltail, Ivypool, Shadowsight, Ashfur, Blossomfall, Rosepetal, and Whitestorm all have WindClan blood.
#4. Dappletail was mentored by her own father, Windflight
#5. Braveheart, Brightspirit, and Shiningheart were SkyClan cats
#6. Lionblaze mated with the reincarnation of a cat who loved his grandfather.
#7. Firestar, Bramblestar, Berrynose, Bristlefrost, Owlnose, and Splashtail were all appointed deputy in a way that broke the code
#8. There are cats with the prefix Hail, even though it’s never hailed in the books
#9. It’s a well-known fact by now that Heavystep has died more than once. When questioned about it, Kate said she would like to write a Super Edition where he was given 9 lives.
#10. There is an entire wiki page dedicated to Jayfeather’s stick
#11. Stonefur is named after Bluestar’s first mentor, Stonepelt
#12. Although everyone makes fun of how there are 4 cats named Robinwing in the series, the name Shadepelt has been used the same amount of times.
#13. Jake has more kits than Ferncloud
#14 Barley is older than Mistystar. He was a full grown cat when he moved into the barn in Yellowfang’s Secret, and in the allegiances to that book, Bluestar (Mistystar’s mom) is a kit. Barley is still alive as of Graystripe’s Vow.
#15. Squirrelflight is the only cat to have become leader of a Clan twice.
#16. Windstar and Tigerstar were the only cats to have ever been resurrected by StarClan.
#17. Blackstar and Squirrelflight were both made deputy twice.
#18. Kate thinks that Cloudtail’s kittypet name was either “Claude” or “Fluffypaws”
#19. In the same page that Kate said Ivypool purrs in her sleep, she said that Whitewing’s purr is surprisingly loud Just like my cat (Here’s the link to the comment https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2018/04/14/the-raging-storm-discussion-page/comment-page-34/#comment-439361)
#20. Dewnose was mentored by his own sister, Whitewing
#21: Needletail and Sunbeam are sisters
#22. Snaketooth is named after a BlogClan cat, Snakefang. Her sister Flowerstem was named after Flowerstream, and her brother Whorlpelt was named after Whorlpelt. Also, she and her siblings were the first cats Tigerstar 2 made warriors.
#23. Despite being alive at the time, Tallpoppy is at Tigerstar’s leader ceremony.
#24. Stonewing was originally named Stonetooth, although that was already a canon name.
#25. Both Silverhawk and his mate Emberdawn (hi Embix hyd) are named after BlogClan members (not just Emberdawn like a lot of people think).
Good job. You’ve managed to get more useless facts. I guarantee you will never need any of these to live, but you have them anyway. I applaud you.
You guys know the drill, let me know if I should make a part three, but in the meantime, have a great day/night and may StarClan light your path.

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    Yessssss, I LOVE random facts!!!!!!!!

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