[a page of sketches of Mapleshade]

Mapleshade: A Story Of Grief by Spiritflight

Spiritflight recounts Mapleshade’s life.

[a page of sketches of Mapleshade]
Art by GrayPillow
[a page of sketches of Mapleshade]

Mapleshade: A Story Of Grief

Greetings, fellow BlogClanners! It is I, Spiritstar (you can also call me Spirit or Spiritflight!) with an article on the topic of Mapleshade! For a fact, Mapleshade is absolutely my favourite warriors character of all time! Reading the title, you probably think I’m going to be putting my thoughts and opinions about her and her story out there, and I am, but I’ll also be telling you my opinions of some other cats and incidents in her story.
Here we go!

Mapleshade is from ThunderClan. Appledusk is from RiverClan. They fell in love and secretly became mates. How is this a problem? They created what was a forbidden ship and completely against the warrior code of which binds them all together.
Of course, as most (I said MOST) ships end, their secret was discovered.

Here is why I’ll never support Appledusk and why I think he’s careless.
~ When their kits died, Appledusk blamed Mapleshade of their death.
~ I believe, in my own opinions, that he had cheated on her with Reedshine.
~ He did not at all support or comfort Mapleshade during and after the incidents.
~ He completely turned his back on her, betraying her trust and love.
~ I think he completely forgot who went through the agony of bearing his beloved kits.
~ He defied the warrior code himself, but kept on pleading Darkstar to stay. In my own mind, I don’t see him much as loyal for multiple other reasons.

And now we’re moving on to why I think Darkstar was heartless.
~ She told Appledusk it is not the season for losing warriors, and accepted him back into the clan yet turned Mapleshade away.
~ She told both Appledusk and Mapleshade that she believed the death of their kits was punishment enough for the both of them, yet still sent Mapleshade away.
~ She did not let Mapleshade help bury her dead kits, say goodbye to them, or even stay with them for one night.

And now, we’re moving on to why I think Frecklewish was a fox-heart.
~ She did ask Mapleshade if her dead brother Birchfall was her mate, but before she could even answer Frecklewish barged in, saying she knew it was and didn’t even give her the chance to say anything at all (but, I do also blame Mapleshade for some part of this story because she didn’t even bother correcting Frecklewish).
~ At the meeting when Oakstar was about to exile her, Frecklewish attacked Mapleshade, calling Petalkit, Larchkit and Patchkit ‘creatures’ and screaming for all of them to leave. Excuse me? Those kits did nothing wrong and you’re calling them ‘creatures’?
~ She was believed to watch the kits die during the flood, doing nothing to help. And that means she broke the warrior code: No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or in danger, even if that kit is from a different Clan
~ I have proof she witnessed the river scene. During Mapleshade’s attempt to kill her, Frecklewish told her that she thought the kits would make it across and didn’t bother to worry. Frecklewish is a ThunderClan warrior, and probably never learned to swim. She would have understood that, if she attempted to save Mapleshade’s kits, she might have died as well.

And NOW we’re moving on to Oakstar and why he’s a fox-heart like his daughter.
~ He exiled Mapleshade, and kits. Kits. Three small kits who did nothing.
~ He also broke the warrior code: No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or in danger, even if that kit is from a different Clan. He sent them away into danger.
~ He banished her because she fell in love with a cat from another clan (and also because Appledusk killed his son, Birchfall and Birchfall’s apprentice, Flowerpaw) but I find this unfair. Think of Graystripe and Silverstream. Graystripe was accepted back into the clans and ended up becoming deputy. And then Graystripe and Millie. Well, I mean Graystripe is Firestar’s best friend of all time. But now look at Leafpool and Crowfeather! Leafpool did end up getting demoted to a warrior, but eventually became a medicine cat again. And Crowfeather? For StarClan’s sake he’s deputy now.

And now we’re moving on to Reedshine.
~ Honestly, people will either just like her or hate her.
~ I think the majority of people hate Reedshine (I said I THINK).
~ I know I hate her

And now, we’ve finally made it to MAPLESHADE.

First we are going to be going over the sad things of Mapleshade.
~ Her clan rejected her.
~ Her three kits died.
~ Appledusk rejected her.
~ Darkstar rejected her.
~ She began to hallucinate her kits crying out for help.
~ She was killed by an apprentice, Perchpaw (It’s sad in my opinion).
~ She made me cry twice while reading her book.

Now let’s take a look at the bad things about Mapleshade.
~ Mapleshade did break the first rule of the warrior code: Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from the other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.
~ She tried crossing a river with her kits during a flood.
~ She killed Ravenwing, Frecklewish and Appledusk.
~ She killed Spottedleaf’s spirit (literally).
~ She practically manipulated Crookedstar.
~ She broke a squirrel’s jaw to fake an omen signalling Crookedjaw as deputy.
~ She tried killing Hailstar.
~ She was blamed for the death of Willowbreeze and her two kits.
~ She is definitely a slightly insane mother.
~ She tried wiping out all the clans.
~ She has too many things on this list.

Now we’re moving on to the good things of Mapleshade.
~ She loved her kits (and that’s what matters most).
~ All she wanted was the best future for her family (because family matters most, too!).
~ She made a good female villain
~ She made the story interesting
~ She was a loyal warrior to start with

Now some other written stuff 🙂
~ Frecklewish had a right to be angry after being led on to believe something that was important to her and turned out to be fake.
~Ravenwing was just doing his job as a medicine cat.
~ Reedshine had a right to loathe Mapleshade. Unlike Reedshine, Mapleshade was an enemy clan cat to her clan and Appledusk, and Reedshine was actually a clanmate toward him and had the right to be his mate. Reedshine also had the right to have kits with Appledusk, even though the thought makes me angry.
~ Also, no matter how many times I’ve told myself she does, Frecklewish doesn’t deserve to go to the dark forest, but should get a fair punishment to suit her actions, in my opinions.

Coming to an end. . .
We all have our own opinions, wether it’s critical, positive, negative or warm-hearted. I certainly know I have mixed opinions, both bad and good. Yes, Mapleshade can be a ruthless cat when it comes to cats who treated her unfairly, but she can have a heart of gold when it comes to caring for her kits. Sometimes we’ll show some sympathy, and sometimes we won’t. Sometimes we’ll be critical about her, sometimes we won’t. Some will hate her some will love her, but what’s important is all opinions and feelings about Mapleshade count, are vital, and should be respect by others. And now I’ve realized this article is over a thousand words so I’m going to end it here.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article!

~ Spiritstar

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  • Great article! I agree with everything except the fact that Reedshine had the right to be Appledusks mate 🙂

  • Great article, Spiri! Mapleshade is an amazing villain who went through so much pain, and then, in turn, inflicted pain on many other cats, killing them and manipulating them. She did deserve to go to the DF, but so did Appledusk in my opinion.

    • I don’t think Appledusk should be in the Dark forest. Yes he mated with Mapleshade and lied about it. But those acts were trival compared to Mapleshades. Appledusk had every right to blame Mapleshade for the loss of their little because Mapleshade forced their children to cross the river when it was overflown. I get that they were banished but Mapleshade could’ve minimized the risk she was putting her children in. She could’ve waited for the RiverClan patrol to arrive and assist her in bringing her children across, used the bridge that linked ThunderClan to RiverClan’s territory or she could’ve taken shelter in the Twolegplace and come back to the forest the next day! Instead Mapleshade’s callow negligence costed the lives of her offspring. So is it anyone Appledusk blamed her for the loss of their offspring. And I think that’s also why Darkstar rejected Mapleshade as well.

      • I agree. While it is true that Appledusk broke the warrior code by being mates with Mapleshade, it does not necessarily mean that he would be condemned to the Dark Forest. Breaking one code does not automatically make you go to the Dark Forest.

  • Oakstar’s Son was Birchface not Birchfall. And I don’t hold Frecklwish accountable for the kits’ demise as Frecklewhish most certainly would’ve perished in the river as she not only can’t swim but there was a flash flood. Besides Frecklewhish saw the RiverClan warriors arrive to assist so she had every reason to believe that Mapleshade’s kits would be saved. Besides I’m sure Frecklewhish felt bad for calling the kits “Creatures”.

  • Leafpool was demoted at the time of the Impostor, making it not a real demotion. If it was actually Bramblestar who demoted her, that would be different. She DID step down from being a medicine cat earlier in the series, but she CHOSE to step down.

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