[a design of Ivypool with a neutral expression]

Why Ivypool Deserves More Love by Streakclaw

Streakclaw shares why more people should like Ivypool.

[a design of Ivypool with a neutral expression]
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[a design of Ivypool with a neutral expression]

Hello! Streak On Cat’s Claw here! You can call me Streakclaw or Streaky if you want. 😁 I am writing this article today because I wanted Ivypool to get recognized. In my opinion, she deserves MUCH more love from what she already has. She isn’t recognized or understood by other cats, so I am dedicating this article to this amazing she-cat. Also, if you haven’t read Omen of the Stars and past, SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Now, let’s hop to it, shall we?

Like it says in Omen of the Stars, Ivypaw was jealous that Dovewing got more attention from other cats and ignored her. This is why she started training in the Dark Forest. She thought the Hawkfrost was a StarClan cat, so when he offered to train her to “become a better warrior and get more attention,” she immediately accepted. But none seem to remember that Ivypool was a hero in this book as well. After learning that the Dark Forest was evil, she started to spy there, which was risking her life, in other words, just to save the Clans! Therefore, she should really be recognized for that, and DEFINITELY deserved to be one of the Three/Four.

Another thing is when Dovewing left to be with Tigerheart/star in ShadowClan. The book clearly states how heartbroken Ivypool was, especially since after Omen of the Stars Dovewing and Ivypool had become closer together. Afterwards, Ivypool refused to talk to Dovewing because of her sadness. If I had to choose Dovewing or Ivypool, I would always, ALWAYS, choose Ivypool, because her feelings and heroism never seem to be noticed.

Then when Bristlefrost dies! (That part made me so sad I literally stopped reading Warriors for TWO WHOLE MONTHS! I was like this 🥺 to this 😢 to this 😭). Bristlefrost was Ivypool’s kit, and Ivypool has already suffered from loss, like her sister moving to ShadowClan. It must have been so hard for Ivypool to suffer yet AGAIN from loss. And you know what else? The book scarcely described her grief! I think Ivypool REALLY deserves more love, and after reading this I am sure you would agree.

That is all! I know it is not much, but I do think that Ivypool deserves a LOT more love, because no one seems to notice her good and heroic deeds or her feelings. My goal in writing this article was to remind everyone in BlogClan and outside that Ivypool was a hero, and deserves all the love she can get. (Okay this is SERIOUSLY starting to sound really cheesy, and if this were a cartoon, I am 100% sure that everyone would look like 🥹🤧). Bye! Hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you around BlogClan! -Streakclaw

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