[a starry Feathertail winks at an angry Leafpool]

Feathertail v.s Leafpool – Who Was the Better Mate? by Shiningfrost

Shiningfrost wonders who treated Crowfeather better.

[a starry Feathertail winks at an angry Leafpool]
Art by Holiiewood
[a starry Feathertail winks at an angry Leafpool]

Hello! My name is Shiningfrost the ThunderClan warrior. Inspired by the Sandstorm v.s Spottedleaf war, I decided that I wanted to make a Feathertail v.s Leafpool war. It’ll be hard to choose between the two – they are both just such good mates to him, understanding his overflowing arrogance when no one else can. So, I have to narrow it down to each tiny little detail to see who was kinder, gentler, more understanding, and generally better. Let’s get started!

Feathertail and Leafpool are two of Crowfeather’s three mates. They are both gentle, kind, and loving, but who is the better?

Feathertail is the only one Crowpaw responded to without arrogance. She was sympathetic and understanding, not annoyed by his aggravation at all. Instead, she acted gentle to him and brightened his journey. They planned to run from the Clans to be mates together. He truly loved her, naming himself after her. She sacrificed herself to save Crowpaw.

It may be a sign that Leafpool is a better mate that Crowfeather recovers from his heartbreak thanks to their mating. Crowfeather saved Leafpool’s life. But unlike Feathertail, it was not ‘love at first sight’. Crowfeather still acted arrogant to Leafpool when they first met, and only throughout the course of that book did they fall in love. And even after breaking two codes in mating with Crowfeather, Leafpool still preferred going back to the Clan she’d betrayed over staying with him. They broke up and Crowfeather quickly found a new mate, Nightcloud, to replace Leafpool. Leafpool had Crowfeather’s kits after they broke up, and they didn’t even know their real father.

Overall, Feathertail is a better mate, because Crowpaw fell in love with her at once, and Feathertail sacrificed her own life to save her. He became Crowfeather in honor of her, proving the extent of their relationship. They were willing to leave their Clans if that’s what it meant to live together where their love was respected, whereas Leafpool turned away. Feathertail still contacted Crowfeather from StarClan, but Leafpool barely ever spoke to him again after their break-up. Even in death, Crowfeather and Feathertail were mates. But Leafpool left him shortly after they fell in love. Feathertail was much more loyal to Crowfeather and she chose him over her Clan. Therefore, she was the better mate for Crowfeather!

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  • Great artikle! I do disagree with you tough. I think Feathertail was just a childhood crush and you can’t say she choose him over her clan because you simply can’t know what would have happend if she was alive. Leafpool did a 100% reasonable thing by choosing her clan as Cinderpelt died and she was the only medicine cat, she couldn’t just leave her family and clanmates die, that doesn’t mean she stopped loving him. Crowfeather took a new mate just to prove his loyalty to WindClan, he didn’t even love Nightcloud. You can clearly see he loved the three more than Breezepelt because they were the kits of the cat he truly loves and always will. Everybody has the’re opinion. But I think Leafpool is a better mate for him. LEAFPOOLXCROWFEATHER FOREVER!!

    • I am a mothpool shipper and If crowfeather and feathertail where just a childhood crush why did crowfeather try to kill himself just to see feathertail again he missed feathertail so much i understand that leafpool helped him overcome his heartbreak but they littearly broke up i understand he might also love leafpool but feathertail was just as seriouse crowfeather littearly had his suffix named after her a crush in warrior cats is more like a affection toward a cat but not confirmed while crowfeather and feathertail showed so much affection towards eachother im not saying he would exactley choose feathertail over leafpool im just so tired of people calling it just a CRUSH!???

  • regardless of how old this article is im still gonna say….

    feathertail was never his mate to begin with?? a crush? yes. mates? no.

    while you say that feathertail x crowfeather was love at first sight and leafcrow wasnt im going to argue that its not a good thing if it was love at first sight, meaning it was rushed.

    you say throughout the book it takes leafpool and crowfeather awhile to fall in love and make it seem like a bad thing. its a good thing! that means the relationship was developed and not forced.

    you may argue that crowfeather only loved leafpool because she reminded him of feathertail, thats not the case whatsoever, while leafpool and feathertail have certain similar attributes they dont look alike at all. leafpool is a small framed slim along with pale brown fur, feathertail is slender along with longer silver fur broad face and described with very soft fur. feathertail is most certainly described as more “perfect”. and prettier in appearance.

    crowfeather fell for leafpool because of her personality not because of how she looked or reminded him of feathertail.

    you say they planned to run away together and be mates…when was this ever stated in the books or implied?? it was also stated in article that the erins posted that IF feathertail would have lived her heart wouldve always lied with riverclan and she wouldve stayed loyal.

    so in conclusion even if feathertail were to have lived they wouldnt have even become mates.

  • I so agree! I ship Mothwing with Leafpool and Crowfeather is getting in the way of that. Feathertail belongs with Crowfeather, and Leafpool belongs with Mothwing. It’s as simple as that.

    • YASS QUEEN mothwing x leafpool is littearly so close to canon the authors confirmed leafpool liked mothwing we dont know mothwings point of view but im sure she liked her too

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