[a headshot of a smiling Lionblaze]

My Favorite Unpopular Warrior Cat Characters! by Stormsnarl

Stormsnarl lists characters they like that are unpopular with most of the fandom.

[a headshot of a smiling Lionblaze]
Art by xxNightfirexx
[a headshot of a smiling Lionblaze]

Hey, Stormsnarl here! Today I will be talking about my most unpopular favorite warriors cats! This list will contain minor spoilers for The New Prophecy through The Broken Code. Please do not hate in the comments if you hate any of these cats, this is my opinion.

Lionblaze is actually my favorite character even if like 90% of the fandom finds him boring. I actually don’t think he’s boring when he got exiled for a while by the impostor I was so sad! When he came back though he was a good sport about it and even defended Bramblestar at one point. (I haven’t read to the end of the Broken Code so I don’t know when he comes back from his second exile.) He just seemed like a stupid and goofy cat. He doesn’t know how to control himself which is shown when he keeps on killing everyone Reedwhisker, Harestar, etc. He has so many flaws and he’s not super annoying about them either. I don’t understand why people think he’s a Gary Stu when he was just existing with invincibility. He didn’t even keep those powers anyway so It’s not really Gary stu-ish. I found it interesting with his forbidden love, being ridiculed for being a murderer, and how he dealt with everything. This is just my opinion and he is my favorite character!

A lot of people hate Berrynose for being obnoxious. I think him being obnoxious is actually a really unique character trait. I mean it’s better than him being like most background characters having the exact same personality traits. He didn’t let his past by being a loner cover his pride, he even called Tree a rouge/loner (I can’t remember) Showing that he forgot about his past and considers himself a clan cat through and through. The part when he was a kit getting stuck in a fox trap really showed he was brave. I mean (NO OFFENSE TO JAYFEATHER FANS) Jayfeather was also an obnoxious character that always saw the negative in every situation and was a smart alec. People think he has a very unique personality trait, just like how Berrynose has a unique personality.

I thought Daisy was really sweet and I don’t see why so many people hate her. She never really did anything wrong, Cloudtail helped her adjust to the wild and so would any cat. Brightheart got jealous,.even though Cloudtail was not interested in Daisy at all. Even if Cloudtail did want Daisy to be her mate, that’s not really Daisy’s fault. That’s Cloudtail’s fault for not remaining loyal. There’s not much to say about Daisy but yeah that’s why I think she’s a good character.

That’s everything! I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it! So did you agree with me? Did you disagree with me? I’d love to know! Alright, peace!

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