[super edition cover featuring Riverstar, a silver cat with green eyes]

Why I’m SO Excited for Riverstar’s Home! by Rainbowshine

Rainbowshine shares why they’re excited for Riverstar’s Home.

[super edition cover featuring Riverstar, a silver cat with green eyes]
Official cover art by Owen Richardson
[super edition cover featuring Riverstar, a silver cat with green eyes]

(WARNING: Contains MAJOR spoilers for DotC)

Hello, Rainbowshine here! I’m here to talk about Riverstar, one of my favorite characters in the entirety of FUREVER!!! (get it? FURever?) Well, anyways, back to the main boi on the scene✨RIVERSTAR✨!!!!

Ok, I know it is a very unpopular opinion, but I love Dawn of the Clans. It has some of the best written characters in the whole series! And, you guessed it, yes, Riverstar is one of them. He is so calm, and very strange. Like, how does he know about StarClan if he is a loner?

Riverstar’s personality is a complex one, at that. He, in my opinion, was more suited to be a medicine cat than a leader. He knew about StarClan, so why not use that as a medicine cat advantage? Well, that’s for another post. So, he knew about the “spirit cats” and helped the other leaders understand them more. He seemed not to be partial or impartial to any of the groups, which I find odd.

Riverstar’s personality is very calm, relaxed, and knowing. He always seems to know what will happen next. He, even during the Great Battle, seemed to be calm, and accepted what happened. He always helped the other groups (at the time), not caring that they were new to the forest.

Now, I really am exited for Riverstar’s Home. There is only ONE, (Bonus Scene, at that) telling of his origin (It’s in Thunder Rising). It tells of a park, with Twolegs in it. The Twolegs then tear down the park, and Riverstar (Ripple, at the time), flees and finds himself in a river. He finds a log in the river, and floats along it for a while. He ends up in the forest, where he meets Night, a RiverClan member, and introduces himself with a new name, River Ripple, in thanks to the river that took him there.

Is that a lot about his origin? No, it’s not! That’s barely anything, compared to many other background characters! He NEEDS this book, and deserves it! It will really show how RiverClan came to be, and more of Riverstar’s relationships with StarClan, and the other Clan cats.

That’s all for now, peeps! Please comment what you guys think! Well, that’s Rainbow out!

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