[a thin-furred design of hollyleaf]

Defending Hollyleaf (and comparing her to other cats) by Swirlkit

Swirlkit defends Hollyleaf.

[a thin-furred design of hollyleaf]
Art by toboe5tails
[a thin-furred design of hollyleaf]

Hiiiiiiii!! It’s Swirlkit! This is probably going to be published when I’m already an apprentice though… but lets start defending Hollyleaf!

First, why do people hate her anyway? I don’t know. Because she killed Ashfur? Ashfur was bad and deserved to be killed! And it was self defense! Has anyone heard about that? And Ashfur was going to reveal the secret, but Hollyleaf killed him to ensure that he wouldn’t, but she did that herself. Maybe that’s why? I really don’t understand that part. But that’s still not a reason to hate her. Because Ashfur was evil. And she only killed one. Cat. One. Ashfur killed I don’t know how many, and other cats might have killed more! (Like Mapleshade.) Mapleshade killed more, but I defend her still. (Gonna have an article about that!) what about Scourge? He killed cats too! (I don’t see a lot of people hating him!) I don’t hate him either. But I really hate Tigerstar. I hate the first one more than the second one. The second one is just annoying.

Second, she was helping the clan even when she ran away. She thought she doesn’t deserve the clan for what she did to Ashfur. I don’t see that very often in cats that kill other cats! Actually, I don’t see that at all. (Except Hollyleaf) and she saved Ivypool by taking the death blow Hawkfrost did! That’s enough to convince me that she shouldn’t be hated.

Third, she was kind to Cinderheart when the rest of Thunderclan thought she was weird because she was recruited from Cinderpelt to CInderheart. Hollyleaf is a good cat!

Fourth, this is what Hollyleaf did wrong: she killed one cat and ran away because she thinks she is bad! HOW IS THAT SOMETHING “WRONG”?! CATS KILL CATS IN WARRIORS ALL THE TIME! IF PEOPLE HATE HER JUST BECAUSE SHE KILLED ONE CAT, PEOPLE! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! She was also helping the clan when she was not there.

Fifth, people judge characters without knowing the whole story! For example: people judge Feathertail without reading a shadow in Riverclan, so they don’t know what it feels like to be her, and why she did those things. And people judge Mapleshade for what she did, not what drove her to do it, so nobody blames Oakstar for banishing a QUEEN, with kits! Just because they were half clan. And he also started all the conflict in warriors! He banished Mapleshade, she went crazy, she died, she ruins Crookedstar’s life, making him overprotective of Silverstream, and when Mapleshade was in the dark forest, she was organizing the dark forest things, causing the whole broken code thing. The other conflicts were things like humans, badgers, those types of stuff. Those don’t count. People shouldn’t hate Hollyleaf.

Swirlkit out!

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