[a realistic design of Blazefire on a light brown background]

Why Blazefire Is A Bad Character by Streakclaw

Streakclaw shares their opinion on Blazefire.

[a realistic design of Blazefire on a light brown background]
Art by slugswarriorsdesigns (tumblr)
[a realistic design of Blazefire on a light brown background]

Hi reader and/or member of BlogClan! It’s me, Streak On Cat’s Claw (Streakclaw, Streaky) again (I said again because I think you’ve read my earlier articles but I don’t know if they have been submitted 😁). Anyway, I’m here to talk about a certain character from a Starless Clan (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T READ STARLESS CLAN!!!). Also, I just finished the second book, so please don’t judge my opinion, even though it probably will never change. Back to the topic, I’m writing this article to tell you about my opinion on Blazefire. Let’s get to it!

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, I think Blazefire is an awful, horrible and terrible character. I know I’m being kind of hard on him, and he is really nice and sweet, but this is in defense of Sunbeam, who might just b my favorite Starless Clan character, despite about the fact that she’s useless. Anyway, I’m writing this to uphold my opinion on Blazefire, which, in short, is a bad character.

Why do I hate Blazefire so much, you ask? Well, is it not obvious? He betrayed Sunbeam, making her heart basically shatter into a million thousand hundred billion pieces! (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but still!).

Plus, Lightleap was Sunbeam’s friend. So when Sunbeam admits that she loves him, he says that he does too, but that they could not be together. I mean, what?! That definitely broke Sunbeam’s heart, but things get worse. He started hanging out with LIGHTLEAP, who was, as mentioned before, Sunbeam’s FRIEND. He then basically LIED and said that they were just friends when Sunbeam asked him. When she saw them closer than ever and alone, her heart shattered even more. But then she’s like ‘I don’t even care that much’. WHAT?!

As you probably DON’T know, I totally shipped Sunbeam and Blazefire. But after the countless and countless betrayals Blazefire made, I’m like ‘nope! He’s the worst character ever’. And now I not only rip that ship but actually SHIP Blazefire and LIGHTLEAP. I know, right? Not what you’d expect. But wait, there’s a catch. I ship them because…they’re both fox-hearts and betrayers. AHGGGG I HATE THEM SO MUCH!!! AND I BLAME IT ALL ON BLAZEFIRE, THE STUPID DUDE!!!! AND I LIKED HIM BEFORE!!! AHGGGG!!! WHY AM I YELLING?!?!

Sorry for my outburst! So very very sorry. But this is what it feels like when one of your favorite characters betrays ANOTHER one of your favorite characters, and you end up hating them. Kind of like the thing with Bristlefrost, but with death… *Sniffle* I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!

Okay, okay. Before I lose my head and break into a fresh set of tears, I am going to end the article. There you have it! My opinion on Blazefire, my defense of the opinion, and several outbursts (don’t pay attention to them). So, I’ll see you around BlogClan!

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