[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]

TOP 10 my favorite warrior cats by Rubystar

Rubystar lists their favourite characters from the series.

[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]

here is a list of my ten favorite warrior cats and why:
My favorite Cloudtail is from The Prophecies Begin, because he was so ”I don’t like the code, so just ignore it!” I think I have broken all the rules in the code, and Cloudtail is not afraid to break it. I don’t like him less because he doesn’t believe in StarClan. My favorite thing in Cloudtail is that he doesn’t mind Brigthheart’s, his mate, scars.
Poor furball! He fell in love with a RiverClan warrior, and she died. After that, Feathertail, his kit, died to save the Tribe. He sacrifices himself to free the other captured cats, and gets trapped. He meets Millie, and becomes mates with her, but their kit breaks the backbone. He has a very sad history, but is always smiling. That is why I love him, and not his best friend Firestar.
She first loved Swiftpaw, but after the dogs, Cloudtail train her and doesn’t mind her scars. When Brigthheart was named Lostface, it was Cloudtail who tell Firestar to change it. She doesn’t have one eye, but she’s braver than a lot of warriors, and I love it.
I loved her most in her last second alive. She died to save her clan, she had to give up her kits to save ThunderClan, and Mosskit died! It was so brave sacrifices everything for her clan.
Sandstorm, Firestar’s mate. I don’t see her as Firestar’s mate. I see her as Sandstorm. Almost all people think of Sandstorm and think of Firestar, but I think of Sandstorm, I think of bravery, loyalty and skill (and Squirrelfligth).
I love Hollyleaf because of the gathering. Why did she kill Ashfur, if she announces the truth at the gathering? Hollyleaf loves the code, but she breaks it herself. She has the power to break the code to keep it alive.
I like her because she’s SO brave! She went to the dark forest every night to spy! And I love brave cats! She deserved to be in the prophecy. WHY Dovewing?!
She is my favorite. I love her because she raised her sister’s kits, and I love her sharp tongue and her love for Brambleclaw! She’s just like me!
that is it! bye!

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