[a design of Breezepelt stalking forward]

My top 10 least favorite warrior cats by Artspark

Artspark lists their least favourite characters.

[a design of Breezepelt stalking forward]
Artwork by Vialir
[a design of Breezepelt stalking forward]

Hello second article written by me. These are my top ten last favorite warrior cats
10- Mapleshade
Okay, I actually feel BAD for Mapleshade, which is why she’s only at 10. But she did some really terrible things, so that counts. Really, in general, you should have mercy on Mapleshade, but also dislike her, because there are reasons to do both.

Again, I really don’t have much against him, but he’s just… messed up.

The main reason I don’t like him is because it was HIS FAULT Crookedstar’s jaw got broken!
Seriously, instead of attacking small children like a madman, he could have just told them to go back, and if they didn’t he could have just waited for a RiverClan patrol to come.

7-Needlepaw (SPOILERS: from VoS)
Insulting warriors and her own clan leader? Wow. Just wow. I know she’s an apprentice and all, but she is REALLY disrespectful, and also nosy. Either she’ll get better later on, or I’m disliking her for life.

Too overprotective. Too nosy. Too… Daisy. Need I say more?

She was alright, but after Briarlight got hurt she basically just turned into a Daisy.

Killed poor helpless Beetlewhisker, and Ferncloud. I just HATE HIM.

I do not dislike her for killing Ashfur, but because she’s so strict in defending the warrior code, and tried to kill her own MOTHER just for simultaneously being a medicine cat and giving birth to her. Also, before she came back (she’s actually tolerable in OTS5), she’s just so.. annoying. I remember a particularly annoying Hollyleaf apprentice scene where she tells Cinderpaw (Cinderheart) that she “has a plan”.

She’s just annoying and reluctant to believe in StarClan, which just gets irritating after a while.

Okay- he’s just such a jerk to his half-siblings, which makes no sense because it isn’t their fault Crowfeather is also their father. They can’t determine their parents. Also, he followed poor Poppyfrost up to the Moonpool, and if it weren’t for Jayfeather he would’ve killed her AND her unborn kits. POPPYFROST LITERALLY DID NOTHING TO HIM. And my least favorite scene was when Brokenstar and Breezepelt started clawing Jayfeather.

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