[Ashfur and Ferncloud as kits laying on top of each other]

Who are Ashfur & Ferncloud’s Parents? by Fallensun

Fallensun wonders who Ashfur and Ferncloud’s parents could be.

[Ashfur and Ferncloud as kits laying on top of each other]
Art by DarkMoonRAY
[Ashfur and Ferncloud as kits laying on top of each other]

Okay.. So First Article.. This is gonna be… A lot.. This Article is Probably the Reason i made my Account if were gonna be Honest.. I have some Opnions.. on this Subject


So were gonna start with a List of Possible Charecters. Starting with My Personal Favorites.. To My Least Favorite.

Outside the Clan (Rouge, Kittypet etc.)

Okay I’m not an Exert on Genetics.. I WILL MAKE A MISTAKE.
So were gonna Start with Darkstripe..

Why its Possible: First of all would anyone really be Proud of Darkstripe being Their Father or Mate for that Matter. The Kit that appears to look most like Darkstripe is Elderkit (at least on the Wiki) Wiki is a Darker Greyish maybeee Brown Color with Yellow eyes.. That Appear similar to Darkstripes.. We dont exactly get a Full explanation on what Elderkit looks like as they Die.. (At least i want to say) Extremely young (Sadly)… I’d also like to note that Tawnyspots & Willowpelt are both Lighter Grey’s that are a similar color to the Surviving kits.

Why its Probably Not: Elderkit could’ve just gotten their looks from their Grandfather, Fuzzypelt… None of the Other Kits resemble Darkstripe.. I have a gut feeling this could make some relationships creepy… Also I don’t see having kits in Darkstripes personality too much.

Next is “Outside the Clan”

Reasons Why its Possible: If the Father is an Unknown Kittypet or Rouge then it wouldn’t suddenly make some relationships creepy, it would make sense why the kits look the way they do and It could be interesting if the Kits were Half-clan… Brindleface did die early in the series which could explain how no one found out.

Reasons Why it isn’t possible: I don’t see a real reason that its not possible that Brindleface had kits with someone outside the clan.. it happens all the time.. despite it being against the Warrior code… Although it may not fit into well with Brindleface’s personality… and knowing Warrior cats a good 90% of Half-clan or Outside of the Clan Cannon Relationships get revealed at some point (Though that is sort of countered int he first part of this)

Runningwind (I Love this Guy’s name if were being honest here)

Reasons why it could be possible

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