[a simple design of Finleap walking]

Finleap by Sunheart

Sunheart takes a look at Finleap.

[a simple design of Finleap walking]
Art by berrym00n (tumblr)
[a simple design of Finleap walking]

Hello! This is Sun’Heart here on my first article, (Go easy on me!) But before I start off, I want to ask that everyone stays nice in the comments, no matter your point of view on *Dun, dun, dun!* FINLEAP!

We all adore Twig x Fin, but you gotta admit, Finleap has his questionable moments. Personally, his ‘moments’ really mess up his character. We need a dose of apprenticeship sweethearts, but if Finleap is gonna pressure Twigbranch?… No. Just no.

*Ahem* So, young, sweet, innocent Twigpaw is finally settling into Thunderclan, when she hears about how the patrol that was ‘searching for her mother’ was actually searching for Skyclan. Bramblestar won’t let her take a legit patrol out, so she goes and does it herself. Skip a few, blah blah blah, Skyclan is settling in their own camp by the lake. Her sister and father join Skyclan, so, to be with her kin, she goes with them. Soon she meets Finpaw, and they get to know eachother after Finpaw’s accident. So far, cute ship!

BUT THEN, Twigpaw goes back to Thunderclan, and finpaw goes with her. Finpaw becomes Finleap, but is really uncomfortable with no family in Thunderclan. However, he reassures himself that he’ll have kits of his own one day. Twigbranch, on the other hand, doesn’t think she’s ready. As time goes by, Finleap gets REALLY impatient, and what does he do about this? He begins PRESSURING Twigbranch! NOT COOL! Shall we review the dialogue?

“We were just talking! I’ve got to talk to some cat! Ever since Skyclan left the forest, I feel like I can’t talk to you! I don’t know why you stayed with me. You’ve made it pretty clear that you wish you’d left with Skyclan.”

“I stayed because I loved you!”

“You’ve hardly looked at me! If that’s love, I don’t want it.”

“You don’t know what love is!”

“Of course I do, I love you!”

“Not enough to have my kits!” (Escusa moi?)

“Is that it? If I won’t have your kits, you don’t want me?” (Kind of, yeah)

“I want you to love me enough to have kits!”

“I want you to love me enough to wait!” (BUUUUUUUUURN!)

After that, they get back together and become official. I get it, he made up for his BAD behavior, but you gotta admit, love (especially this love) made him say crazy things!

That’s a wrap, folks! Hope you enjoyed! Sun’Heart out!

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