[Spottedleaf lays among the undergrowth]

Spottedleaf’s Defense! by Streakclaw

Streakclaw defends Spottedleaf.

[Spottedleaf lays among the undergrowth]
Art by alisonli (tumblr)
[Spottedleaf lays among the undergrowth]

Hi again, BlogClan! My name is Streak On Cat’s Claw, but you can call me Streakclaw or Streaky. Anyway, this article is going to be about me defending a cat I’m not sure everyone likes. Let me reveal it! Drumroll please…it is…Spottedleaf! This is also a part one, because I am definitely making another! …I think. Anyway, let us get started already!

In defense of Spottedleaf – I know not everybody out there is a fan of Spottedleaf. Why, I have no idea. But I am here defending her and showing you, dear reader, that she deserves all the love she can get, and that, even though she has flaws, the Clan is really lucky to have this awesome, amazing cat.

Reason 1 – She was always a kind-hearted cat, and she cared for her Clan more than anything. Of course, you are probably like ‘that’s what all medicine cats are supposed to do!’ But I think she was REALLY loyal to ThunderClan, medicine cat or not. I was really sad when she died. 🥺

Reason Two – She accepted Rusty or Firepaw or Fireheart or Firestar into the Clan without any ‘kittypet’ taunts, which made me grow fonder of her, especially since she treated him with equality unlike some other cats like Tigerclaw, Darkstripe, Longtail, Sandpaw/storm, and Dustpaw/pelt. And she was always so I kind to him whenever he entered her den, so again I was really sad when that fox-hearted mange-pelt Clawface killed her. SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE!!!! 😭

Reason Three – She cares about every cat no matter what. This, I feel, is what some people think is a flaw, even though it is good in some ways. Like, since she is a medicine cat, it is good that she cares about every cat. And, since she cares about every single cat, cats will always come to her, not just if they are hurt, but if they need comforting. You can admit that that is not really a flaw, but a good thing in some ways. In the Clan, I am sure she was quite a role model, and even if she was not, I know I would definitely look up to her because she cares and she will listen. When she died I knew for sure that the Clan had lost a valuable member of their Clan thanks to that fox-hearted mange-pelt ShadowClan rat Clawface. 😥

Well, that is all of part one! Thanks for listening about Spottedleaf’s good side and her defense. Why did I choose Spottedleaf, you ask? Well, I feel like it had to be done and that Spottedleaf needed to be shown some love. If you have any tips, agreements, or disagreements about this article, feel free to post them in the comments! Well, that is all I have to say to you. So long, BlogClan, and may StarClan light your path!

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