[a design of Bluestar sitting down]

Renaming ALL Warrior Cats Characters Part 1 by Skypaw

Skypaw gives new names to Bluestar, Redtail, and Spottedleaf based on their appearances and life.

[a design of Bluestar sitting down]
Art by melo_draws (WildMelo)
[a design of Bluestar sitting down]

Heeeeeee-ello, everyone! Skye here!
As the title implies, yes, I am indeed going to be named every single warriors character I can. I’ll probably skip Dawn Of The Clans though, because I haven’t read it 🙂
How am I going to do that? By order of allegiances.
So let’s fly straight Into the Wild.

Bluestar—blue-gray she-cat, tinged with silver around her muzzle
Hooray! We’re starting with Bluestar!
Okay, first off, let’s see deeper into her. Her “detailed description” on the wiki is:
Bluestar is a large, lithe, pale blue-gray she-cat with luminous, piercing, ice-blue eyes. She has thick, long, soft, smooth fur and a broad face, head, and shoulders, with a scar that parts the fur across them, and a torn ear.She has a silver-tinted muzzle and a long, sleek tail.
Geez, I definitely get why they call it a detailed description!
I LOVE the word “lithe”. If you’ve read any of my fanfictions, you’ll notice I’ve been using it more and more often to describe cats.
Okay, whatever…I feel like “River” would be a really good prefix, since she’s sleek and blue and has icy blue eyes and smooth fur and all, but no. I mean, what about RiverClan? It would be…Slightly awkward…To have a Riverstar lead ThunderClan, don’t you think? Though funny too.
“Ice” is the prefix I’m choosing for her, because she’s smooth-furred, sleek, pale blue-gray and has a silver-tinted muzzle. It just matches so much!
Okay, so “Ice” is her prefix. Icekit is born to Stormtail and Moonflower, alongside her littermate Snowkit (ooh! Icekit and Snowkit!!). I would immediately warriorname her and Snowpaw with the suffix “-moon” because of their mother. But since I’ll rename Moonflower later anyway, I’ll go with “-claw” (but Icemoon and Snowmoon are great names, aren’t they?). We need more -claw heroines instead of villains and more known -claw females. Plus, it just really fits her! Think about it. She’s a good fighter, a fierce and dedicated warrior, really ambitious and brave…And I really like the name Iceclaw! So Iceclaw it is! (And Icestar later on!)

Redtail—small tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive ginger tail
The idea of a ginger tail is cute, and I’m tempted to name him “Gingertail”, lol. But that would be barely a change.
Ok, so first off…
Redtail is a small, dark, dappled tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes. He has a distinctive, bushy dark ginger tail as red as fox fur, and feathered ears.
“As red as fox fur”. He is now Foxtail! Joking, but Fox- is still the prefix. Also because he is small and dark dappled tortoiseshell, it also matches his new prefix.
Foxkit is born to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang alongside Spottedkit and Willowkit. He is named an apprentice, and when it comes the time to name him warrior, we must look at his life and personality.
Foxpaw is a serious tom who takes his jobs to heart and a future deputy who earned Icestar’s respect. His mentor was Halftail. Although Sparrowpelt – how he was called then – was grumpy and feisty, often making his apprentice awkward, he cared about him deeply and they had a good bond. Perhaps that’s one more reason he was called Redtail – not only because of his dark ginger tail, but because of his mentor.
Foxpaw is logical and cares about his Clanmates too, as shown when he realized the patrol could not win against RiverClan and ordered them to retreat. He also gives Firestar the life of justice, which could speak of his being a fair and just tom.
Foxpaw is shown to be anxious and even shy sometimes as an apprentice, struggling with his loyalty for Tigerclaw, who saved his life. But in the end he rebels for what he believes is right.
I would have named him Foxheart if that wasn’t an insult. I think Foxlight would be good, and so would Foxshine.
Okay, Foxlight it is!

Spottedleaf—beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a distinctive dappled coat
Okay, I’m going to analyze Spottedleaf…Wish me luck.
Spottedleaf is a small, lithe, soft-furred, dark tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with large, warm, amber eyes, and white-tipped ears. Her coat is distinctively dappled and mottled with orange and brown markings, and she has a small, pink nose.One of her eyes is rimmed with darker fur than the other, and she has small white paws, a white muzzle and chest, and a black-tipped, gold-and-brown-striped tabby tail.
Okay, her description is really really long. I think her prefix could be Poppy-, because she is soft-spoken and calm, a healer and because she talks to StarClan in her sleep.
Alright, Poppykit is born to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang alongside Foxkit and Willowkit. She wanted to become a medicine cat very early, but was initially Thrushpelt’s apprentice – though she showed interest in herbs. As a kit, she played as Clan leader on the game we know of, and is called bossy by the other kits (since she was pretty much bossing them around xD). When she was a kit, she says she will be Clan leader, so she does have some kind of ambition – even though she’s a kit and many kits want to become leaders. On Spottedleaf’s Heart, from what I saw in the wiki, she seems more interested in becoming a warrior as an early apprentice, which is a little weird. She shows a bit of interest in Featherwhisker and in the medicine den but more skill than will. She heals Houndleap for what it seems and that’s cool! And then her interests grow, but I think the only thing that’s holding her back is Thistleclaw (ew). Then she becomes a medicine cat apprentice.
She is calm and determined, fierce but gentle, which is a really cool combination for a medicine cat in my opinion! She used to want to become a warrior however she chose to follow what she realized she enjoyed more. And she treated all her patients with respect, and kept Bluestar’s secret, and stood up to Thistleclaw. She’s a great character now that I’ve looked deeper!
I kind of want to name her Poppyclaw, but that would be too far, since she’s not THAT much of a fighter and because of Thistleclaw (plus that’s the name of an oc of mine and it would feel awkward to give it to her).
Poppy….Poppyflame. Because of her warm amber eyes, her flaming passion and ambition, her bravery to follow her dream and to stand up to the cat who manipulated her since she was a kit. Even though she is a medicine cat, Poppyflame isn’t afraid to say no, and she wouldn’t hesitate to raise a claw for her loved ones. She died like she lived: fighting for others, and after this analisis, she’s become one of my favorite characters.

I planned to do all the allegiances in the book, but it’ll DEFINITELY get cut off if I do so. So I’m stopping here!
I’ll say this article was great to write and swooped my opinions. Bluestar changed very little to me, but the two more background characters, Spottedleaf and Redtail, none of which I cared much about, really skyrocketed.
Foxlight is level-headed and logical, always putting others first. But as an apprentice he was a shy, anxious tom who struggled with loyalty and justice. In the end, he rebelled, which must have been his greatest decision and I didn’t really notice how incredible that was until deeply analyzing him.
Poppyflame…Well, you know it. She wasn’t even much of a character in my eyes, and now I love her! A fierce and defiant medicine cat who was always ambitious even as a kit but never let it corrupt her. She stood up to Thistleclaw, the cat she LOVED (ew), so he would stop killing cats and left him in the past, focusing on what she truly enjoyed: healing. But the marks of bravery and the fierceness that was thought to belong to warriors only never left her, and she died battling an invader and stopping him from hurting helpless kits. She was a fighter till the end, but she still healed others.
Well, it seems this is the dusk of my article! See you!

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