[a sketch of Sandstorm glancing to the side]

My Opinion On Why Sandstorm Is Better Than Firestar by Wishpaw

Wishpaw shares why they think Sandstorm is better than Firestar.

[a sketch of Sandstorm glancing to the side]
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[a sketch of Sandstorm glancing to the side]

Hi BlogClan! My name is Wishpaw, but my warrior name is Wishsong (I’m an apprentice). I hope you’re having a marvelous morning or evening or night or afternoon! This article I am writing is my first so I really hope it gets published! Anyway, this article is going to be about how Sandstorm deserves more acknowledgment (in other words, more attention; I am just being fancy! 😉). Well, to be more specific, I am going to list a bunch of reasons on WHY she deserves more attention, well, really I am just talking about how Sandstorm is better than Firestar (like the article name suggests). So, if this isn’t your style, leave. But I encourage you to read this! Now, shall we get started or what?

Okay, here is my first reason why Sandstorm deserves more attention before we get into smaller reasons: My first (and also main) reason: okay, so, may I remind you that Sandstorm faced many dangers with Firestar, and survived them all, when Firestar may have lost a life during one? And she only has (or had) one life while facing all of them, yet she somehow, remarkably managed to survive. And, she lived longer than Firestar too! Like, he died in the battle against the Dark Forest while she survived, and then she became an elder, and then she died, but basically, my point is that she managed to live, of all things, through all the dangerous things with Firestar when he lost his lives!

Okay, so now my second (and last) reason: She was always stronger, faster, and a better hunter than Firestar, and Firestar lost his first life in like the same book when he became leader, while Sandstorm…yeah. This proves that Sandstorm was better than Firestar because every battle she fights, she fights it with strength, and while doing so, not losing her life. In the race with the dogs, the dogs never had a chance to catch her because she ran so fast, while with Firestar, the dogs nearly caught up to him even before Tigerstar blocked his path.

That is it! I hope you enjoyed! I’m sorry if the two reasons were kind of alike, but I couldn’t really think of anything else because the point of this article was to prove to you, BlogClan, and the world that Sandstorm is better than Firestar. This doesn’t mean I don’t ship them though! 😉 Well, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day, and may StarClan light your path!

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