[a design of Frostpaw sitting with her tail curled around her paws]

Predicting A Starless Clan Apprentices’ Warrior Names by Nightpaw

Nightpaw predicts the full names of the apprentices from A Starless Clan.

[a design of Frostpaw sitting with her tail curled around her paws]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a design of Frostpaw sitting with her tail curled around her paws]

Hi everybody!! I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me [Nightpaw/wish], but I’m back from my long break from reading Warriors and have just finished reading Sky from A Starless Clan! I’ll be guessing apprentices’ warrior names as we have quite a few in this article. For some apprentices, like Frostpaw and her littermates, it is expected that they will get their names soon. By the time this article is published, which is around two-three months, Shadow, the next book in the series, would be released (April 4th). As you guys read this, you’ll know if I’m right or wrong.

Frostpaw -> Frostfeather. I think Frostpaw will be named after her mother, Curlfeather. I think it’s obvious that Frostpaw looked up to, and still looks up to her mother. She additionally continues to speak to Curlfeather and mention her in everyday life. I think Frostpaw is a dedicated, loving daughter that will not heal from Curlfeather’s death forever, like Crowfeather, who still probably grieve for Leafpool. Mothwing evidently knows of Frostpaw’s close relationship with Curlfeather and might name her after her to acknowledge that Curlfeather is always walking with Frostpaw.

Mistpaw -> Mistpelt / Mistcloud / Mistbreeze / Mistheart. Although Mistpaw is a side character and is difficult to predict what name she will receive, I observed Mistpaw as a kind, soft character (flashback to when she and her brother came to Frostpaw after Curlfeather’s death to comfort her) that cares for family. Therefore, I chose some names that have soft sounds and a positive connotation. For example, the suffix “breeze” and “heart” have previously been given to many kind cats, such as Fireheart, Nightheart, Lionheart, Swiftbreeze, and Willowbreeze. Similarly is cloud (with the exception of Nightcloud *cough*), with Littlecloud and Sneezecloud. The suffix “pelt” is too common to name yet has a positive connotation as we associate pelts with being soft.

Graypaw -> Grayshine / Grayleaf / Graytail / Graycloud / Grayfeather. Similarly to Mistpaw, I chose softer prefixes that contrast with the word Gray, which is pretty negative in general. This means that I avoided some negative words such as Graysky or Grayheart.

Whistlepaw -> Whistlebreeze. It was difficult to find words that are related to whistling as Whistle is a very rare prefix and suffix in Warriors. This is why I chose the name Whistlebreeze for her, as it has a nice flow to it that means a whistle blown softly with a pleasant sound. Whistlepaw has demonstrated herself to be a kind and compassionate medicine cat apprentice, especially when she approaches Frostpaw and comforts her at her first Moonpool meeting.

This is it for the apprentices (with the exception of more minor, never-mentioned characters), and I hope you enjoyed this article. As you read, you will probably immediately recognize whether I’m right or wrong with my guesses, and I think that’s the fun part of it! Thank you for reading.


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  • Great article! I actually remember a few years ago looking at someone’s drawings with an OC Frostflight and now thinking ‘that could literally be a scene in Thunder or whatever comes next’ now that we have a Frost- protagonist

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