[designs of Snowkit and Snowtuft side-by-side]

Debunking Theories: Why Snowkit is NOT Snowtuft by Daisyspirit

Daisyspirit takes a look at the theory that Snowkit became Snowtuft and proves why it’s false.

[designs of Snowkit and Snowtuft side-by-side]
Art by manywarriorcats (tumblr)
[designs of Snowkit and Snowtuft side-by-side]

Hi everyone! It is Daisyspirit here with her 3rd or 4th article (I think 4th). Yes…I am starting on ANOTHER article series. Today, I will be debunking the theory that Snowkit is Snowtuft (debunking meaning proving it is not true). Not much to say here, so let’s get started!

Reasons why Snowkit is NOT Snowtuft:

1. Snowkit is a confirmed StarClan member
Although he was not seen in StarClan, the Warriors Wiki confirms Snowkit is in fact a StarClan cat. That means he is not in the DF, and he did not survive the hawk attack.

2. Snowkit and Snowtuft’s descriptions do not match
Snowkit is a ” a small, sturdy deaf white tom with blue eyes” according to the Warriors Wiki. In comparison, Snowtuft is a “small skinny white tom with a long scar snaking from his belly to the tip of his ear. His flanks are also scarred.” Although the descriptions are similar, Ashfur (TC) and Ashfur (SC) have the same name and similar description, yet it is confirmed that they are not the same cat.

3. Snowkit would not have the suffix -tuft if he survived
Sure, this is not confirmed, but this is most likely true. There are many better suffixes, and -tuft is just one of them. Also, Snowkit would most likely be a medicine cat, and there is no medicine cat confirmed to have the suffix -tuft. Furthermore, Cinderpelt would never give a deaf kit a name relating to their ears, nor would Firestar. It would be cruel even though Snowkit would never really hear the name.

4. Snowkit is not a reincarnation either, and here is why
Snowkit could have been a reincartion, making the two the same theoretically. But he is not, because no StarClan cat would ever allow a DF cat to enter the world again. Besides, Snowtuft wouldn’t be shown in the DF if Snowkit was a reincarnation of him. He would be in StarClan. Now, that might be a wise way to get into StarClan, but Snowtuft is shown in the DF (I am getting another article idea…)

Sorry if that was short! Daisyspirit out! 🌼👻

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