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If Warrior Cats (First Series) Had Human Names by Solarpaw

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Art by NatameSecrea
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Solarpaw gives Warriors characters human personas!

Hey, it’s Solarpaw. Formerly, I was Flamefire, but I wasn’t signed in, so I got an account. Unfortunately, I haven’t been active, but I’ll try to be more online! Anyway, I don’t think a lot of people have done this, transforming warriors’ names into human names, (and also giving human descriptions) but I think it would be fun, so here we go.

Personality: He’s a charismatic, friendly tom, and he’s always looking out for others, even if it breaks the code or gets him sidetracked.
Human Desc: Ruffled red hair, green eyes, pale skin with freckles, trademark red short-sleeved shirts
Human Name: Edward

Personality: She’s a vicious hunter with a fierce personality. Her heart is in the right place but she may tend to be a bully if she doesn’t know someone enough, and she’s super loyal.
Human Desc: Long blond hair in a ponytail, brown eyes with gold flecks, pale skin, short-sleeved shirts and jeans
Human Name: Arie

Personality: He’s calm, quiet, but smart and loyal, wise, and always looking out for the younger cats, though he can blame himself when someone gets hurt who’s under his care.
Human Desc: Short black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, long-sleeved sweaters
Human Name: Quinton

Personality: He’s quiet, careful, but kindhearted, though he’s wary because of hardships he’s faced. He isn’t someone who stands up for himself, but he’s someone who really cares.
Human Desc: Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, short-sleeved shirts
Human Name: Jett

Personality: She’s fierce in her beliefs, but calm and wise, and she radiates power though she doesn’t display in a flashy-like way. When heavily misguided, she tends to break down.
Human Desc: Short black hair in a bob, blue eyes, slightly tan skin, short-sleeved shirts, tall
Human Name: Maeve

Personality: He’s cheeky and charismatic, and hates water due to his long fur, but he’s a good, loyal friend, who’s fun to hang out with.
Human Desc: Shaggy dark brown hair, grayish eyes, pale-ish, tinted skin, short-sleeved shirts
Human Name: Holden

Personality: She’s snappy, rude, and brutally honest, but protective, loyal, and experienced with a lot of situations. Unafraid of consequences, skilled, and very in touch with StarClan, she is a very good cat to have on your side.
Human Desc: Short blond hair in a bob, one yellow eye, one brown eye, pale skin, tall
Human Name: Chelsea

That’s it for now, but if you want a part 2 tell me in the comments and I’ll try to get right on that! Have a good day/night, I wish everyone the very best!

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