[a design reference for Dovewing]

Examining clan cats and their names by Polarlight

Polarlight takes a look at some characters’ names.

[a design reference for Dovewing]
Art by warrior cats designs (tumblr)
[a design reference for Dovewing]

Heyyyy kitties! It’s Polarlight againnnn. ALRIGHT SOOOO, I will be examining clan cats and their names and why they should have different names.
FIRST OFF: We got Dovewing. The suffix wing is just so dull! We got soooo many wings in the clans. Whitewing, Gray wing, Jays wing, Doves wing, Mothwing. Like 0.0.
I would give Dovewing the name Dovelight or Dovefeather. She is soft and fluffy but Dovelight to describe the good side of her personality. But why in the world would Whitewing name her pale grey kid after a bird thats pure white? Alright…
AND SECOND: Flamepaw (Who eventually becomes Nightheart.)
His mother, Sparkpelt names him Flamekit after the ‘Great and noble leader’ Firestar. But his description is a pure black tom cat. I would’ve named him Nightkit, or Stormkit or even Darkkit. If he did keep the prefix Flame, I would’ve had his suffix changed to Flameeye, referring to his amber eyes.
THIRD: Crookedstar.
Rainflower was cruel in changing his name to match his injury. Of course it is literally perfect! But Stormstar sounds MUCH better. Although Crookedstar is kinda unique. But honestly, Stormleap would describe his personality perfectly. Before his injury, he was brave, bold and daring.
Fourth: Tawnypelt.
DUDE TAWNY MEANS LIGHT BROWN. But her profile is a dark tortoishell she cat. If I were Goldenflower, I’d give her the name Fallenkit, or Spotkit. And if she kept the prefix Tawny, I would have gived her the name Tawnyeye, or Tawnylight, or even Tawnynose. Blackstar, ay ay ay. (Stupid furball.)
ANNNNNND IN FIFTH: Cinderheart. Yes, Cinderheart is a good name, and she is the rein-carnation of Cinderpelt. Cinderheart needs a name to describe her ambition, her boldness, and so on and so forth. Cinderleap, describing her powerful back legs. This is perfect. Although the name Cinderheart isn’t bad, it needs a cat to fit the description. Like pffft. My name fits me perfectly!
BONUS: Number 6.: Icecloud. I feel like all cats that are born white, are always given the name White, Ice, Frost or Snow. For example, Snowfur. DUDE PERFECT DESCRIPTION BUT YOU NEED A BIGGER IMAGINATION. Like cmon. Blizzard or even Cloud as a prefix could’ve like made the warriors name unique. For example, Cloudlight, Cloudshine, Cloudleap, Cloudfeather. All good, unique suffixes. So

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  • Also, not all doves are white! They can be any colour, including grey. The white dove is only one species of many!

  • I think either Dove’s Wing should have been Dove Song or Dovewing should have been Dovesong so their names wouldn’t be that similar

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