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Rating Characters by Polarpaw

Polarpaw rates some characters from the series.

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Art by dracofelisdraws100cats (tumblr)
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Heyyyy! It’s me again. You kitties r probably fed up with me already. BUT I GOTTA EXPRESSS MY DESIRES BECAUSE I WILLLLL BURST.
SO today we will be rating characters that I think are either overrated, underrated or perfectly rated.
FIRST OFF, our beloved Firestar.
I’m telling you right off the bat, he’s way overrated. Like we get it, kittypet with a flame colored pelt comes in clan, saves clan, becomes leader. That’s kinda cliche tbh. Like I love Firestar and all, butttttttt ya know, he gets so much love for like no particular reason. IMO, he shouldn’t have been the fourth cat in the prophecy. BC HE ALREADY DONE SO MUCH! LIKE give other cats a chance! How cool would it have been if Ivypool were the fourth cat. Just think abt that. So yea but I would honestly rate him like a 7.5/10.
2: Ferncloud.
Ferncloud is underrated. And I don’t see why. Well I’m pretty sure mostly bc she’s more of a backround character. But gentle Ferncloud needs more loveeeeee. Like she’s a very respectable queen. And had a lot of kits! Which eventually would provide more warriors for Thunderclan, or even another medicine cat! In my book, she deserves an 8/10.
3: Bramblestar.
I’m not going to lie, Bramblestar is a teeny bit overrated. Because of his heritage. Like even the living cats basically hated him at first and were suspiscious of him at first just because he’s Tigerstars son and looks exactly like him. Sure he’s not the best cat in the world, I hate the way he treated Squirrelflight. Like I get it you’re mad, but don’t hate on her bc she helped out her sister! So, I give Bramblestar a 4/10. Yep I went low, but only bc I hate the way that everybody acts like he’s a really good leader, even the best. NO. JUST GET RID OF HIM ALR.
4: Alderheart,
Alderheart is perfectly rated. The fellow lad is kind, caring, shy and gentle! And a literal replica of Firestar. Best med cat ever! (Sorry Jayfeather!)
I give him a 9/10.
5: Leopardstar.
OVERRATED I”M TELING YOU. SHES A HORRIBLE CAT. I’m glad the Erins got rid of her like QUICKLY. Mistystar is a much better keader, or should I say was.
I give her a 2/10.
6: Tigerstar (The first,)
He’s kinda underrated, and I see why. (Spoilers up ahead, I prefer you don’t read beyond this if you haven’t read TPB series,)’
Alright so, we start off by WOUNDING TINY (who would later become Scourge who would later dispose of Tigerstar,)

Next, he sided with Brokentail to bring in a band of rouges to attack the clan, eventually killing Bluestar so he could succeed her position as leader.

And that’s not enough, he has to destroy the whole of Thunderclan with a pack of dogs to seek vengeance.
Tragic. But Tigerstars mentor was Thistleclaw when he was only an apprentice. And Thistleclaw basically fed Tigerstars ambition for power and blood. SO ITS THISTLECLAWS FAULT. As well as Pinestars. If he hadn’t run off into the forest and become a kittypet, all this pressure wouuldn’t have been put on Tigerstar. SO ITS ALSO PINESTARS FAULT. Alright now im just rambling.
But Tigerstar deserves his share of credit. Because he was a smart thinker, although not the best cat. I give him a 5/10.

Alright! Last one: Bristlefrost
Our hero! She saved all five clans by sacrificing herself to the place of no stars. Sadly, her spirit does not return. She drowns in the dark waters of te dark forest.
Alright, she’s somewhat overrated for saving the clans from Ashfur. WHat I think of that is, any cat could’ve done it. he was just the cat in that lucky position that killed Ashfur. But hold up a second here, if Squirrelflight had actually loved Ashfur, and not played around with him, Ashfur wouldn’t be the cat he is, and the clans wouldn’t be traumatized, AND BRISTLEFROST WOULDN’T HAVE DIED. SO Ya. I give Bristle an 8/10.

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  • Someone help me it says it’s released June seventh and it says it’s the 6th here I’m kinda going insane because I pretty sure Apple ain’t lying to me- 🤣

    Also great article! Completely agree with you on Tigerstar (the first)

    • Oh! It says June 7th because blog runs on an entirely different time zone, I think so at least. For me, it’s actually late afternoon. That’s why people post comments in like 1:00 AM, it’s probably not 1:00 AM for them!

      Also great article! But I . . . like . . . Leopardstar . . .?

    • To answer your question, BlogTime is I believe the time in England??? So that’s how it displays on the site… So if your timezone is different it probably displays different. Also, great article!

  • Sunheart☀️Sun that Shines at Dawn☀️Sunny☀️||🏳️‍🌈Happy Pride Month!🏳️‍🌈|| says:


  • Flamepaw/spirit || Ospreysplash's awesome apprentice!! || She/her || Arson is life || Spirit of Flaming Arson in Newleaf Sun || 🏳‍🌈 🧡💛🤍🩵💙 Happy Pride Month! 💙🩵🤍💛🧡 🏳‍🌈 says:

    Great article! I love Firestar and Bristlefrost <3

  • 🌊 Holzie 🌊 | 💫 Hollykit/stream, she/her 🦖 | 🌌 Holly That Grows By Stream 🌌 | 🐯 The ultimate Calvin and Hobbes fan! 🪐 says:

    Great article, although I don’t agree with most of these 🙁

  • Robinpaw(Happy pride month!)(She/her)(Robin, Robi, RP or whatever else!)(Appendix to the amazing Honeyfrost!! ) says:

    Nice article!

    • I think Polarlight is Polarpaw’s warrior name, so yeah . . . ?

    • I loooove Leopardstar! And Bristlefrost deserves it, I think(not overrated!). Also, I despise Ferncloud for some reason, and I think Brambleberry and Jayfeather are better than Alderheart. Anyway, great article!

  • ✨TansyBranch/Paw🍄(Tansy Branch That Sways In Wind) MapleShade Supporter 🌹 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 says:

    I agree with nearly everything!! Omg….wouldn’t a Ferncloud super edition just be great!!

  • Brackenpaw/tuft the T.M.N.T Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! She/Her (A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) Happy Pride Month!!! says:

    Great article! However, I strongly disagree about Leopardstar. Have you read Leopardstar’s Honor? It completely changed my opinion on her!

  • Rowanpaw/leaf | Rowan Leaf Drifting Through Autumn Sky |🍂 looking for a mentor🍂 says:

    Great article! But I disagree with Leopardstar (she is one of my favorite characters 🙂)

  • Shadeleap (she/her) | Shades, Shade, Shadey | Shade lit up by Leaping Flames | Mentor to the amazing Sandbreeze! <33 | Running for SW! says:

    Awesome article!!!

  • I agree with you on Firestar, Ferncloud and Tigerstar. I dunno if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I don’t like Bristlefrost in any way, at all. I also dislike Bramblestar, but yeah. Good article!

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