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Hollykit gives warrior names to characters from the Enola Holmes series.

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Hi everyone! I’m a pretty big fan of the Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 movies, so I’ve decided to give those characters warrior names. Let’s start!

Enola Holmes
Okay, so Enola is a pretty tough character, so I’d probably give her the prefix Prickle. But she’s also caring and kind, so maybe Prickleheart or Pricklelight? Or maybe Bristleheart or Bristlelight. Moving on!

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock is a sharp, witty character, so I’d give him the prefix Sleek. For the suffix, well, he’s very keen on small details, like how he said that Enola worked in a match factory (in the second movie). So I’d give him the name Sleeksight.

Mycroft Holmes
Mycroft is essentially an antagonist in the first movie. He’s very stern, strict and sharp, so maybe the name Talonflame. Or, because he always expresses his temper, it would be Flametalon. But I feel like Talonflame best suits Mycroft.

Viscount Teweksbury
Lord Teweksbury is very soft, so I would straight off the bat give him the prefix Soft. He also has a talent for flowers, so maybe Softleaf? Or Softstem? Probably Softstem.

Mira Troy
I was waiting for this moment! I find her an excellent antagonist in the second movie. I was immediately thinking Nightrose because of her elegance and sharpness, but then I thought of Blackmoth for her coy personality. She could also be Laceweb (I mainly decided this name for the design of her dress :P). So I have a lot of thoughts!

Eudoria Holmes
I absolutely adore Enola’s mother. She’s very, very strong, resilient, and independent! I would give her the prefix Spark. And for the suffix, I’d probably say wing because of her protective personality over her daughter and for the people she cares about. So Sparkwing!

We all love Edith. She’s a burly character who knows jujitsu yet is also very caring! I would probably give her the prefix Bright. She’s fierce, so I’d probably give her the suffix -flame. So, Brightflame!

That’s it for naming Enola Holmes characters. What do you guys think of my name ideas? See you all soon! 😀

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