[a design of Graypool with Splashkit, Swankit, and Morningkit behind her hind legs]

Giving warrior names to kits and apprentices in starclan by Polarpaw

Polarpaw gives warrior names to characters who never got one.

[a design of Graypool with Splashkit, Swankit, and Morningkit behind her hind legs]
Art by CaptainBW
[a design of Graypool with Splashkit, Swankit, and Morningkit behind her hind legs]

Heyyy welcome back fellow kitties! TODAY. *Clears throat* I will be naming some dEaD appretices and kits AND giving them warrior names. Ok imma sound like and influencer rn, but plz post in the comment section if you agree, or if you have another name preference. Lets get started! (Heads up there might be some spoilers from Tbp, Crookedstars Promise,)

As most of you know, Snowkit was carried off by a hawk that flew over the camp. This is one of the most tragic deaths and is so sad! Even though he was deaf, he still could’ve became a warrior. But noooooo. Because of his disability, he had to become like a medicine apprentice or something like that. Anyway, he could not be trained as a warrior. But we are not here to discuss that (Eve though warriors is very biased because they take cats with disabilitys and OPA they have to become medicine cats.)
For Snowkit, I would’ve given him the name Snowear, referring to his deafness. But maybe Snowcloud, or Snowheart. Because he was always described as being kinda cheery despite his deafness.

Ah, another sad death. Hypothermia took the life of this kit. I mean, when Bluestar took Mosskit, Stonekit and Mistykit out of the camp it was snowing HARD and was super cold outdoors. Mosskit was a small and gentle thing. I’d probably give her the name Mossshine. Cuz ya know, she has like a white coat with pale gray markings. She would sorta shine in the moonlight. Ya know?

Morningkit, Splashkit, and Swankit
The three kits born to Graypool that died shortly after they were born. I’m only going to do Morningkit and Splashkit because the books don’t give Swankit a specific gender as I remember. But Swanstripe or Swansong sound nice. So, Splashkit is described as a grey tom with flecks of lighter gray. I’d name his Splashripple or Splashspot because of his coat. But since we do not know his personality, Splashleap would also be ok. And for Morningkit, she’s a gray cream she cat. So Morningpelt, or Morningsong would be nice, aswell as Morningflower or Morningheart. So yea.

Another white tom with blue eyes, also deaf. He was said to have wandered off and never be found again. What a horrible fate. I don’t really recall

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