[Spottedleaf looks over her shoulder at Firestar who stands behind her]

Analyzing bad ships by Skypaw

Skypaw shares their opinion on some ships from the series.

[Spottedleaf looks over her shoulder at Firestar who stands behind her]
Art by Vialir (separate; unknown editor)
[Spottedleaf looks over her shoulder at Firestar who stands behind her]

Hello cats! It’s me Skypaw (Skyspirit) and this is my first article so there may be some mishaps or weird spelling so please excuse those!
Anyways today I will be analyzing some hated/underdeveloped or weird ships.

Dove x Tiger:
This one I feel needs no explanation but I will give one. Their relationship just caused a lot of chaos because when Tigerheart left to be with Dovewing it left Rowanstar in an uncomfortable and weak position especially because he was deputy at the time! It also contradicts the warrior code, and when they returned and chose to live in Shadowclan with her mate and kits it just caused a lot of tension between Dovewing and the rest of Thunderclan.

Crow x Night:
Just no, like why??????? I know he did it to prove his loyalty to his clan and whatever but like it just ended in a lot of tension and hate. He never really loved Nightcloud or his son Breezepelt, which made Breezepelt end up in the Dark Forest! And then he ended up evil and all that stuff. And he could have at least tried to make a happy family, but noooo he had to be a bad father to Breezepelt and a bad mate to Nightcloud, he totally could have tried but he didn’t.

Fire x Spotted
I just have to put this one in, it really drives me crazy and it’s just really weird too, like one dar Firepaw just happens to waltz in on Spottedleaf and he’s just like -OHMYGOSH, she’s so pretty, and smells good, I want her to be my mate- like dude really, that’s honestly kinda creepy. It goes against the medicine cat code, and then like the age gap!?!?! (I don’t actually have numbers but I think the estimate was that she was like, 8-12 moons older? Please correct me if I’m wrong) It also probably made Sandstorm SOOOO jealous to see her mate Firestar weeping at the death of Spottedleaf’s ghost, and for her to be like -I will see you in Starclan my love- Or something like that. That ship is just THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

Anyway thank you for your time and correct me on anything if you think I’m wrong. And if you have any other bad ships please tell me about them.

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  • Flamepaw/spirit || Ospreysplash's awesome apprentice!! || She/her || Arson is life || Spirit of Flaming Arson in Newleaf Sun || 🏳‍🌈 Happy Pride Month! 🏳‍🌈 says:

    Great article! I hate Tiger x Dove with every cell in my body, and I also hate Crow x Night (I especially despise that one) and Fire x Spotted 😀

  • Shadeleap (she/her) | Shades, Shade, Shadey | Shade lit up by Leaping Flames | Mentor to the amazing Sandbreeze! <33 | Running for SW! says:

    Awesome article!! I despise every ship on here! ESPECIALLY TigerXDove

  • Great article! I’m not sure about TigerXDove, but I hate NightXCrow and SpottedXFire!

  • I agree. I absolutely LOATHE the CrowxNight ship with a passion. I agree with all lmao

  • Great article! I agree with all of those especially SpottedFire!

  • I don’t like any of these but for TigerXDove I also think he fell in love with her way to quickly. Then somehow Dovewing likes him because he likes her. Same thing with Oakheart.
    And Breezepelt isn’t that bad but it’s Crowfeather’s fault. In fact all the cats who went to find the sun-drown place hated him as an apprentice, even Leafpool but as an apprentice even though she didn’t go.

  • I agree with all but TigerxDove. I absolutely love this ship. I am one of the few people out there that adores Tigerheart/star and Dovewing as characters and as a couple. They just workout really well.🙂

  • Great article! I don’t like all of those ships, although Tiger x Dove is alright. You could also do Bumble x Dove or Holly x Fallen Leaves.

  • Brackenpaw/tuft the T.M.N.T Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!!!!!! She/Her (A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) Happy Pride Month!!! says:

    Great article! I agree with all of these except for TigerXDove.

  • Great article! I love TigerxDove actually, I think they’re a cute ship! You also only said their relationship caused chaos and tension, not much else, so I don’t think it’s a bad ship. It isn’t abusive, and they love each other! SpottedxFire is disgusting. They were together for like 5 seconds, and the ship actually started after Spottedleaf died, which is really weird and creepy. CrowxNight is one of the worst ships ever. They didn’t love each other or their son, it’s not a good ship in any way. Anyway, awesome article, keep up the good work!

  • I absolutely HATE the TigerxDove cause they just don’t feel right. I mean Dovewing is in Thunderclan and Tigerstar is in Shadowclan. So breaking the warrior code. I also hate them because Shadowsight (their son) is the reason Bristlefrost DIED! Lightleap (daughter), also was the reason Blazefire was injured and then she just took Sunbeam’s spot as Blazefire’s best friend. Sooo unfair.

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