The Week in Birthdays – 11.06.23

Welcome back to The Week in Birthdays, this week focusing on all our lovely members’ birthdays that occurred between last Monday and today!

There’s a fair few this week, are you all excited to see whose they were? I know I am! But spoiler alert, I’ve already seen them all because I’ve had to add them to the calendar in the past… (but in theory you guys could have looked at the calendar too so maybe you’re all more knowledgeable than me on this if you check the calendar semi-regularly 😛 )

Andddd now off we go! 😀

a beige cat with a party hat on its head and presents beside it. image credit to


  • 6th June – Flameheart1. Firstly for this week, Tuesday brought the birthday of Flameheart1. Hi, Flame! How was your special day? Did you enjoy yourself? If you’d like, tell us all about your day in the comments!
  • 7th June – Blackclaw. And Wednesday marked Blackclaw’s birthday. Hiya, Blackclaw! How did your day go? Do you have a favourite gift you received? I hope you had a wonderful time! 😀
  • 8th June – Magnoliapaw and Mintpatch. Thursday was both the lovely Magnoliapaw and the awesome Mintpatch’s birthday. Hello there, Magnoliapaw and Minpatch! How did you both choose to celebrate your birthday? Did you have a cake – if so, what flavour? If not, did you have a different birthday food you enjoyed?
  • 10th June – Echoheart, Goldenheart, and Snowbreeze. And then yesterday, Saturday, we had the birthdays of three amazing people: our long-standing member, Echo, the allegiances editor, Goldi, and our general moderator, Snowy. Wow! That’s a lot of birthdays on the same day!! How were all your birthdays? Did you go anywhere interesting with friends or family to celebrate? And, most importantly, did you all have fun on your birthdays?
  • 11 June – Mintmoon. Today, Sunday, is the fabulous Mintmoon’s birthday! That’s two mint prefixed members with a birthday today! :O Hi Mint! What do you plan on doing today? Do you think any family/friends might have surprises planned for you? BlogClan would love to know all about your special day – tell us in the comments if you want! 🙂
cupcakes with lemon icing and a range of fruits and lemon slices on top. image credit to

Here are some birthday cupcakes for you all to enjoy!! Don’t you think they look a bit summery with the fruit, like strawberries and also lemon? I feel like they’d be great at a picnic or an outdoor event! And they’re so pretty too, without being super elaborate which is epic because sometimes simple is best in my opinion! 😀

Now are you ready to wish everyone here a very happy birthday? I’ll count you down… ready, set, go! If you’re still here because you’re not sure what to say, any birthday wishes and questions would work fine, such as ones similar to the ones I’ve put above, or even something completely different if you feel there’s something I’ve missed!! Also if you have a gift such as a poem or art, you should put it in the comments down because unfortunately I’m not here to add it in like I usually do! 🙂

And well, that’s all from me for today I think! I hope you all enjoyed the post and I hope you all have a marvellous week. I miss you all but I’ll be back soon! My last exam is next Friday (the 16th). :O Bye for now! <3


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It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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