The Problem with Moth Flight’s Vision by Rosegaze

Rosegaze shares their opinion on Moth Flight’s Vision.

Official cover art by Owen Richardson

We all know the one and only DOTC Super Edition (As of writing this article), Moth Flight’s Vision. I think that this book is great! Its story was good, we get some development for Moth Flight, we got the ball of serotonin that is Micah, and we got some mother-daughter bonding time with Wind Runner and Moth Flight. I do have one problem with this book, and I am wondering if anyone else did too.

My problem with the book is the characters. I’m not talking about Moth or Micah, but rather Clear Sky and Slate (Maybe others). I feel like this book struggled to characterize some of its more important characters, or characters that had so much potential were written off.

Let’s start with Clear Sky. I addressed his issue in my Clear Sky Analysis. He is portrayed as a cruel, heartless monster who doesn’t care for others’well-being, despite being portrayed as a kinder, more gentle soul half a moon earlier. After all he had learned during the latter half of DOTC, he was still seen as a cruel person.

My next problem is with Slate. Let’s get this out of the way, I love Slate. She is a cool character who was perfect for Gray Wing. My problem is that she doesn’t do anything. All she does is sit around, watch kits, and sit some more, but this time, add some sadness. She had so much to give in this book, even as a background character, but she just falls into the grieving mate category. I get it, your husband just died, but for the love of Starclan, don’t just sit around like a duck! Clear Sky was Gray Wing’s littermate, and he hasn’t shed a tear since 2015 (Which is another problem with Clear Sky in this book). I just wish she had more of a role in this book.

In conclusion, Moth Flight’s Vision is a great book, but it struggled to characterize or use important characters. The book could have been much better if they had managed to portray their characters in a way accurate to the last book of DOTC

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