[Squirrelflight and Bramblestar pressing up against each other together fondly]

Who I believe is Squirrelflight’s true mate by Springpaw

Springpaw decides who would be the best mate for Squirrelflight.

[Squirrelflight and Bramblestar pressing up against each other together fondly]
Art by Aniritak
[Squirrelflight and Bramblestar pressing up against each other together fondly]

Hi guys! I’m Springpaw and this is my first article! I hope your having a good day/night! Today I will be discussing who I think is Squirrelflights true mate. Remember these are my opinions so please do not judge me. Anyway, let’s get started.

Ok Squirrelflight, this is your cannon mate (rolls eyes). I mean really?! I personally despise Bramblestar and believe he should never have been deputy, let alone leader. In squirrelflights hope, he treats her really really badly. He treats her badly through their whole relationship, with and without the whole Ashfur thing. They constantly fight as well. Also there is a huge age gap between them.Their relationship is just toxic.Honestly I believe he is a really bad cat and I think Squilf could have done better.

No…just no. This cat is a complete stalker. He goes completely bananas over being rejected.Bro get over it, she doesn’t want to be your mate. So what? Plenty of other cats have gotten rejected and I don’t see them becoming complete psycopaths! Just leave poor Squilf alone and go find another mate (throws rotten tomatoes at Ashfur). Why does this cat even exist. Squirrelflight should never even thought about becoming mates with this awful,awful, crazy, psycho of a cat.
If I don’t think either of these two should have been her mate, then who do I think?
Drumroll please🥁….

These two just seemed so cute together as Apprentices! I cried when Shrewpaw died. I really really wish he’d lived to be Squilfs mate. Even more then I want Ashfur to never have existed. Also if he lived I really want his name to be shrewstep for no reason😛. Another thing if he lived, he and Squilf will call their kits meadowkit, glade kit and bluekit because those are the names in squirrelflights hope that squirrelflight wants to name her future kits. I believe this is the cutest ship ever.

There you have it. These are my opinions on who squirrelflights true mate is. I hope you enjoyed my first article. Now if you’ll excuse me (goes back in time and revives shrewpaw) Yay! 👋 bye 👋!

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