Giving Aru Shah Characters Warriors Names by Hollykit

Hollykit gives warrior names to characters from the book series, the Pandava Quintet.

Official cover art by Abigail L. Dela Cruz

Hello, BlogClanners! Hollykit again, with my fifth article (I think :P). I really love the series Aru Shah (AKA the Pandava Quintet), so I thought it’d be best to give the Potatoes (Aru, Mini, Brynne, Sheela, Nikita, and Kara) some warrior names. Let’s start!

She’s a powerful character, but also kindspirited and witty. Soo I’d probably give her the prefix spark, because it’s light, but fiery and fierce. Lightning’s her thing, and she’s very overwhelmed with emotions, especially from the Tree of Wishes and onward, almost like a splash (wink). So Sparksplash!

So, obviously, I’d give her the prefix Violet because of her weapon’s power’s color. Maybe the suffix wish, because she wishes for peace? Also because it just really suits her 😛 So Violetwish!

Brynne is a tough character, and gets angry easily. Her weapon is mainly air, but it’s been enhanced with fire, so I’d probably give her the prefix Flame. She also tends to hide her emotions from her friends, like with her issues with her mother. So I’d give her the suffix mask. Flamemask it is!

She is a fierce, fiery young lady with a sprinkle of fashion. Great character overall! I would give her the prefix Rose for her fashion, but her softness and caring personality to her sister Sheela (roses have remarkably soft petals). Straight off, I’d give her the name Rosethorn, but to be more original, I’ll think of something else. Due to her fiery and admittedly sarcastic personality, I would give her the suffix fire. So Rosefire it is!

Sheela is a gentle, bright character, so I’d honestly give her the prefix Bright. She’s also extremely powerful and is able to tell the future. When she tells the future, her eyes glow and shine. So either Brightglow or Shineglow. She’s cheerful too, so maybe Daisyglow or Daisylight. Either one of those, I can’t decide! 😛

Ah, yes. A very complicated character. She has sun powers, so I’d probably give her the prefix Sun. She’s a very good fighter too, so maybe Sunstrike? I think that’s canon… *searches up the name* it is. So maybe Sunflash!

That’s it for me! Do you have any other ideas for the names of these characters? Especially for Sheela :P? Well, Hollykit out with yet another article!

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